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  • some are for it, some are against it, all for their good reasons I suppose...I am against suicide, but Im not one to tell anyone who can or cant do what. I think life is far to valuable to just throw it out no matter the quality of life....besides, the way life soon as you off yourself because of your illness or whatever, they would have a cure the next day...that would just be the irony of life. And if they made suicide a right in the US, which many countries (I guess) think we are deprived of that right...well, take into consideration...people love to exploit laws here in the US...and I can assure the rise in David Koresh and Jim Jones types....that is what would happen if it was a right.
  • People often rail against suicide because they deem it selfish but I cannot imagine anything more selfish than telling someone who is in so much anguish that they actually want to end their life that they should hang on for the sake of their so called friends and loved ones. So suicide should be thought of differently and, if you are going to die, having a loved one with you would be a great comfort and a great act of unselfishness on the part of the person who helps or is there for your final moments. If carefully regulated, like in that clinic in Switzerland that keeps hitting the headlines at the moment, it's a good idea.
  • Should be legal. Every person should have right the to decide when and how they end their life with dignity
  • Under some rare circumstances assisted Suicide is the right and proper thing to do...I am for having this as an option for difficult "end of life" situations.
  • I believe it should be legal but I feel horror at the thought that some people may be railroaded into it through greed or cost-saving measures.
  • personally I believe in it but it should be up to a group to investigate to make sure that this was the best choice for that person and as long as they were fair it would be okay sad and a little wierd but it is okay in my eyes
  • It should be an option for those who are terminally ill and would like to choose to leave this world with a little dignity. Will you come and change my diapers when I am terminally ill laying there wasting and waiting to die when I would rather be gone already? I watched my mother live and die with Alzheimers disease and if I ever start down that road I won't need someone to assist me.
  • i agrre that it shoud be possible as those who do not need assistance have that option. There needs to be safeguards. In U.K people travel to switzerland and it has now been decided that if you are helped to travel that person will not be arrested.
  • I would hate to see that become legal, many times people that are depressed may think about suicide, then life changes as it always does, and they are no longer depressed and dont wish to commit suicide any longer, maybe if they had a waiting period, of some sort, with many stipulations, I can definitely see it for someone that has a terminal illness..
  • I think it should be an option for those who are terminally ill and/or living in constant pain. Having said that there should be a great many hoops to jump through in order to make sure such a decision isn't made under duress or spur of the moment.
  • It's an option that should be a personal matter between patient, patient's spouse (if patient is in a coma, for example), and the doctor, The government, the right-wing politicians, and the Christian Taliban should keep their noses out of it. Remember Terri Schiavo?  
  • It is an interesting topic. I do know that there are many MD's in jail over it. In some cases Hospice dances with it. I also know that they are trying to make it legal for terminal cases. Wether or not they have yet, I am unsure of. I know that I could never do it, but I dont condem a person for chooseing to do it.
  • It's awwwwright.
  • I am for it. I assisted my grandmother who was dying of colon cancer. She went 15 days without food and water and was vomiting her bowls. She was in so much pain the only time she slept was when she passed out from the pain. She asked me to OD her on her morphine, it was the hardest yet easiest thing I have ever done. I loved her so very much, enough to give her what she wanted. When you are really faced with it,with someone who you love and have watched helplessly go through the worst possible thing a human could go through and you find yourself praying she would just die and the suffering would just stop or you could just take it from her for just one moment and give her a respite..or take it from her and let her live...and she asks you to give her that gift, you may be very surprised at what you are capable of. I didn't give it a second thought, I was touched and honored and moved and relieved at the same time. Thankful she was no longer going to suffer and thankful she trusted and loved me enough to ask. People are so quick to say something is wrong, morally, religiously, humanly etc...but until you have truly been in a situation that is controversial you really can't say what it is. You don't know what is in a person's heart when they do something you may consider sinful...only God does.
  • Sure do, what a great way to go out with dignity and on your own terms.
  • I am very much in favor of assisted suicide ... I believe that if a person feels that they want to end their life ; that should be THEIR decesion ... +5
  • i think its a good idea for a terminally ill person who might have to go through severe suffering. i would want that i think. trouble is where do you draw the line.
  • I'm not for it. Because there are many situations where people think they have months to live, but the doctors who told them that turned out to be wrong. If they had chosen euthanazia, they would have missed out on many fruitful, joy-filled years of their lives. For instance: My grandmother was told that she had six months to a year left. She died this december, twenty-seven years after being told that. She had numerous cancers, among other conditions. But the lives she touched, and the people she changed made it worthwhile for her. If she had given up upon hearing that diagnosis, so much would have been lost.
  • I think that it should be legal for a person who is terminal to choose to exit on their own terms. Yes to assisted suicide.
  • I agree completely
  • ok i lost my brother to suicicde and let me tell you it hurts to see pweople saying it should be legal. but sometimes you cant help the person but you have ot realize it really isnt funny to the people who are laughing about this it seems liek none of you have even been going through what i have. im pretty sure you have no idea what it is like at all. so please stop laughing about it it really isnt a laughing matter anyways. who would laugh about a suicide?
  • If you're terminal and in pain. . . . .I'm all for it!
  • All for it. I am completely against people suffering when faced with a terminal illness and suffering. It is not a morality issue for me but instead an issue of basic respect and compassion.
  • necessary and should not be a criminal charge if suffering

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