• No, because microwaves heat unevenly. Resulting "hot spots" can scald the baby's mouth and throat. source:
  • Microwaving does weird things to molecules. I wouldnt do it. Put it in a pan of warm water and warm it up that way.
  • Boil the kettle and fill a jug with the water, pop the bottle into the jug of hot water for a while
  • If you do, you may kill some of the good stuff in breast milk. It also creates uneven heat in the milk, but you can remedy that by shaking it vigorously to mix it up. Do not microwave it with the nipple on. It works for quick on-demand feeding. Otherwise it is safer, more beneficial (especially with breastmilk) to heat it under hot water from the tap, or in a pan of boiling water. Always test it prior to giving it to the baby. Shake it up, and squirt some on the underside of your wrist (it's sensitive to touch and temperature).
  • I heated the water only (not the formula) for about 30 secs. then poured the formula in the bottle and stir. I've done it with both my sons. thnkfully no side effects that I know of :)
  • Usually no, as the plastic is not microwave safe. But you're far better steaming baby bottles anyway or sticking them in the dishwasher.
  • Yes, just shake it and then test the temperature on your wrist

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