• I'm gonna swing by the store, can I pick you up anything? Coffee. Later-Oh I didn't get you coffee, it's bad for your heart... If you say you're gonna do something, then don't, why bother?
  • Social Contract, well when I think of social contract I think of it in the more modern Hobbesian sense... In a nut shell, it means to be that men are naturally self-interested, and so are rational enough to know that it is better give up some freedoms by sumbitting to the authority of a sovereign leader in order to live in a civil society. The idea being that without this civil society life would be nasty, bruitish and short. With this contract, however, they stand to gain a better life. I find a lot of truth in the idea. It is also very relevent. We often hear people on Answerbag quoting Franklin as a way to reject arguments that we should give up a little of our freedoms to government. I believe they completely miss the point, and would do well to re-read the quote, and look at SCT. Sure, we give up some of our freedoms, but in return we get law and order. We actually gain the chance to enjoy more freedoms from the social contract.

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