• im 16 (2day!), but anyways i think kids 2 day dont respect there parents as much as they use to. but still show some of it. I myself would get my ass kicked by my fater if i didnt repect him. but then again i was raised to do so, saying yes sir,no sir, yes m'am, no m'am. stuff like that shows a lot of respect.
  • Yes or at least that is what they tell me! The power of no video games punishment buys you a lot of respect these days. Seriously give respect and you will get respect...IMO, it's the only way!
  • There is a pervasive lack of respect in our society in general. If kids today are less respectful, it has everything to do with parents today.
  • The parents must be respectable for the children to really respect them. When they are little they love unconditionally because that's all they know, but when they get old enough to see through the bullshit they won't respect their parents if all they see are lies and double standards. And beating a child will only cause them to hate you.
  • Not at all. I see kids today and see the way they talk to their parents and it is awful. If I did that when I was a kid, or even now, I would know about it!
  • Do you think parents today are worth respecting? My son is 22 so I guess he is not in the 'today' category anymore but I always felt that for him to respect me I had to be respectable and not just demand it. I see many parents trying to go back to the old days of fear = respect but it doesn't it is simply fear = fear.
  • I don't think in general that it's more or less than it used to be. If it is less than that's only because the parents aren't as respectable as they used to be. I remember having a really hard time respecting my Father because there was no basis for me to respect him. He was an ass. I knew if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be alive and all that, but, still, he was an ass, so what can you do. Respect really is a two way street regardless of anything and if parents don't realize that...their kids will naturally grow up to resent them.
  • ...very, very LITTLE!!! If it weren't for the fact that they need food, clothes and shelter--I don't think they'd respect us AT ALL!!!! Add to the fact that today's "self-proclaimed" experts on child-rearing want parents to treat children like EQUALS, with the no-spanking, time-out, reason-with, BS--it's only a matter of time before the roles of PARENT and CHILD will become REVERSED!!!!!!
  • lack of respect. a child will go as far as u let them. if u don't put a stop the first time they try to test ur waters they would keep doing so. parents also give a lot liberty to their children and kids now a days are very slick and take advantage of that.
  • I think it depends on the kid and their parents. As a generealization we could say that no, they don't but I know of many kids that do and many kids that don't. However, I see alot of parents these days that allow their children to rule and these parents get angry with other adults that try to discipline their child. Alot of children aren't made to respect adults because their parents won't allow it. We can't have it both ways. Children will pay the price for not respectiing others and they may have to pay a price that parents can't pay for them...
  • Speaking only about our own children, I just love them so much. They love us as parents very much and behave so well. We have three children all aged 6 to 12.
  • No, but do parents respect their kids?
  • Some not at all, it seems in some families it's generation after generation of bad parenting and they're piling up.
  • I can't answer for every kid but I respect my parents very much, and I can't imagine what would happen if I disrespected them. I was at the store today and there was a dad and you daughter (about 14) shopping and the daughter yelled at her dad to go and he just looked at her then she yelled at him again and said go away dad and the dad walked off with his head down. I don't understand how parents can let there kids controll them, I would be grounded till I turned 18 if I ever treated my dad like that.
  • In my family, my children respected me and still do, as do their children respect them. If you treat children fairly and with respect yourself then you earn their respect. It IS a learnt behaviour. I see a lot of young people with no respect for anything or anyone and it scares me as to the future.
  • I really don't think there is near the respect toward parents or any kind of authority as there used to be.

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