• Vampires all the way!! Vampires are still good looking when they transform into themselves. The others look nasty and non-human even though that is the goal lol.
  • Zombies, because they are the least easy to write dreadful supernatural romances for. Having said that, I am partial to a vampire, coz of my not-so-secret, passionate love for dreadful supernatural romances!
  • ...dangit..don't make me choose I love the drooly dead..the wolfmaniacs and the bloodsuckers... ok...vamps it is
  • The zombies were having fun the party had just begun the guests included wolfman, dracula and his son They did the mash, they did the monster mash, the monster mash, it was a graveyard smash, they did the mash, they did the moster mash the moster mash it caught on in a flash. No more nonseical than playing who do you like the best. Song of the 50's or 60's.
  • Zombies.
  • I'd go with Zombies. +5
  • hellogoodbye
  • For intellect and charm, vampires hands down, especially Dracula. Werewolves are messy and brutish and zombies smell bad and aren't even interesting.
  • Vampires...They have better hygiene. +5
  • If I had to pick one to live in my neighborhood, werewolves. At least they are only dangerous one night a month [if you go by the typical mythology.]
  • What do you like the best out of these 3/three: Idiots, Loons, Liberals?
  • I have been a zombie fan my whole life.
  • vampires cz they're hot and young forever not to mention smart and they are creachers of the night just like me ;)
  • female vamps are sexy, wolves to hairy ,zombie to cold I don't like a dead lay
  • I like Werewolves. Zombies and Vampires have been overdone for along time.
  • None, but if I HAD to choose one it would be werewolves.
  • You didn't list Democrats.
  • I suppose you mean in fiction, since they don't exist in reality. *** Vampires: have been terribly re-imagined in recent decades. Contrary to the vampire of Stoker. A really great novel. Classic for a reason. Every English-speaker should read it. I'm always disappointed in these non-Stokerian vampires that are more like comic book super heroes (or anti-heroes) than they are like - well - evil undead creatures. *** Werewolves: as far as I know remain mostly unchanged compared to classic tales. They're alive (not dead or undead). They're ferocious - at least when transformed, but typically secretly even when in human form. They're nearly unkillable. They're evil. BUT: I can't think of a single werewolf novel or movie that compares to Stoker's "Dracula". *** Zombies: Boooring. I mean: the original stories are sort of interesting since they're part of an actual and still-existing religion. But I've never read a good zombie story or seen a good zombie movie. *** Conclusion: vampires according to Stoker are the best. If we're including modern vampires, then I'll change my answer to werewolves.
  • Theatrically speaking, I'd go with vampires. They are classy, intelligent and fast. Warewolves are scarier, fast and somewhat intelligent, but are easily seduced. As for zombies, they are slow, giving you the advantage to make a run for it.

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