• Maybe some. But not the ones I know. I drink with them, yeah I seen them do some bad things.
  • I think some do and some don't. It all depends on the individual. But I do know of some corrupt cops.
  • most's a shame when the bad apple shows and makes alot of good people look bad.
  • yes i think at least 90% do +5
  • Most, yes...always a few bad apples.
  • I think the majority do.
  • I think most of them do. +5
  • i think they start with good intentions but for some power corrupts
  • I believe they do--for most part. I have an uncle and a cousin both are police officers, and they are pretty grounded people morally.
  • Yes, I think the "good police officers" have good morals and values, since their always thinking about coming home to their families.
  • Like anyone who works or doesn't, some do and some don't.
  • They do when THEIR family is involved (whether it be a suspect or victim of a crime) I think a lot of them are corrupt however.
  • about 99% do. : )
  • It's everything else,some do some don't.
  • All of them all the time, definitely not. Some of them some of the time, yes. I'd guess around 60% have what are considered to be good morals most of the time, and around 85% some of the time.
  • To many of them join the police force because they want to get even with the kind of people they didn't like when they were growing up. Then there are the freaks that just want that big chance to have a shootout and kill someone. In the last 9 months, there were 3 senior citizens that were shot to death in their own homes in PA. One was less that 30 miles from here. Someone called the police to go and check on the welfare of some old guy and when the police got there, they shot the man to death just because he had a rifle with him. In PA, when someone calls the police on someone, they try to find reason to arrest the victim first!
  • Well gosh, it seems obvious at least some don't. I wouldn't hazard a guess at what percentage of officers are corrupt but clearly too many are. I think part of the problem is that the profession attracts many who clearly should not be in a position of power. Someone posted a suggestion on a forum (might have been AB) that police officers be drafted. It's a good suggestion although there will always be a need for professional officers.
  • Police have added circumstances that most civilians do not have to deal with.....power, an endless parade of crime, and seeing people at their worst. Power corrupts many people, which includes police officers. Even if they aren't stealing drug money during a raid, writing a bullshit ticket just because they're having a bad day IS corruption of power. Constantly dealing with bad guys, or scared or defensive people, does indeed change perceptions. Despite those profound circumstances, the overwhelming majority of officers are able to process their experiences to an extent that allows them to remain in touch with the good inside themselves. I think they are particularly strong in character and integrity moreso than the average civvy. +5
  • I think that most people in most professions have good morals and values. Cops are no better or worse on average, ethics-wise, than regular folks, I think.
  • they try to have both but just imagine waking up everyday in COP mode
  • Not the ones in Eugene Oregon, no.

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