• Unfortunatly you were born with that neurological disorder.
  • Why does anyone have any health condition? I hope you are able to take the meds that help control your seizures. Also, a lot of people get better as they get older.
  • First off, you need to remember that You have epilepsy, Epilepsy does not have you. It is just another one of your traits. Do not let it control your life. Sure take your meds, talk to your Doc, switch meds or dosages if things aren't working. Maybe even switch doctors if your doctor is not working. Find a local epilepsy support group. That is how I found my current Doctor. I still travel 300 miles round trip to see him, he's that good. All of the people I knew that had Epilepsy when I was younger did grow out of it. My seizures are controlled by meds enough that I can drive. But I still take meds. I also had surgery. It is not near as scarey as it sounds. Trust me there are a whole of people out there that get the "why me" surprise. Just be strong.
  • something wrong with ur brain
  • We're all blessed with many challenges that strengthen us and build character.
  • Every function in the human body is triggered by messaging systems in our brain. Epilepsy results when this system is disrupted due to faulty electrical activity. In many cases, the exact cause is not known. ... prenatal injury, or brain damage that occurs before birth.
  • you need to ask god that question

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