• Shave them and keep clean and see if that helps.
  • Do you wear a black fur with white stripe across your back? If yes, no wonder.
  • It's summer time you could have eaten something that just came out that way on your body. Change deodorants, sometimes your body gets used to them and they stop working as good. Maybe try an antiperspirant deodorant.
  • I don't know, but if I were you I would be walking around with my nose in my armpit all day!
  • dude buy some of this and spray yourself down with it, this is the shit... it will git rid of any odor, on you, your car, your room, it dont matter it will even beat the dog..
  • My pits smell like weed too! My son who smokes weed was convinced that I smoked and was hiding the fact. I DO NOT ! I do not know what that T H C like smell could be, but you are not alone. Try the deodorant cream Lavilin. Look for it online. It works well and lasts a couples of days before you have to apply again! (Google it) Good Luck.
  • I dunno, just trying to help. :)
  • Maybe you should just buy soe rolling papers and give it a try!
  • You've obviously have never smoked any good weed if you think your pits smell like Mother Mary.

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