• Church - None School - None A World Mission - None A Conservative Organisation - None I only have so much to give, and a choose to give what I have to other causes close to my heart. None of those causes are close enough to my heart. I give to Amnesty International most reguarly of all.
  • none of the above. I have nothing to give at the moment. just scraping by.
  • I don't give money to anyone. I can barely afford to feed my family. The giving I do is to my neighbors and my community, in various forms. +5
  • I am completely broke at the moment. Normally I don't give regularly, but if there is a charity box at the tillpoint I will put my spare change in it, or sometimes give to people collecting in the street. The causes vary - african aids or healthcare charities, animal and conservation charities, the local hospice etc.
  • We give regularly to our church and the ministries it is supporting. We don't quite tithe, because we are still paying off Little Bit's chemo, but with special collections it probably comes close. Some of the things our church supports includes: 1. We are under an African Bishop. We are supporting his diocese, buying him a four wheel drive so he can get around his diocese, finishing, stocking and staffing a hospital (the only one there), and providing disaster relief for the drought and famine going on there right now which the news media is ignoring. I believe we are also involved in their school and orphanage. 2. We provide holiday meals for poor people in our county. 3. We provide about 70 Christmas boxes for Samaritan's purse each year. 4. We help run the local clothing bank for poor folks. 5. We help serve lunches at the Salvation Army. 6. We provide meals to the families of patients at the Children's Hospital, who are often so cash strapped by their child's treatment that they can't afford to eat in the cafeteria and go hungry. We try to keep a stock of nourishing canned fruits, veggies, soups and crackers for them to eat. I support the church because church organizations usually have the lowest administrative costs and nearly every dollar you give goes to help the people you want to help. They are mostly volunteer organizations. Sometimes, when you support other charities, the lion's share of what you give is eaten up in salaries for bloated administrators and very little gets where you wanted it to go.
  • the only place i give regularly is my church...i do give to organizations caring for abused/neglected animals sometimes...i have already paid my school for my education and i know all too well how nonprofits manage their money so there's many i won't give to at all...
  • I never give to a church, I don't trust the religious with money. I give to the Red Cross, local Cancer Societies, Rotary Club and anonymously to individuals that need the money.
  • I Tithe to my church from every dollar I make. Don't have an alma mater school, did not graduate (have GED). Do give love offerings to 2 missions our church supports. Never given to a conservation organization, reason, guess never thought about it.
  • Surf lifesaving association, genetic research and greenpeace.

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