• Yeah, me. I joined a few hours ago and I've gotten 95 points :)
  • I know I did, I had to force myself not to get on today until after lunch. lol
  • No. This is a sad question and answer site. There are not enough people using it. There are dozens of useless made up busy work questions instead of actual people needing help. Running recycled questions is inexcusable. I didnt come here to earn points. There are real people who use these sites for help and if I have life experience and knowledge to help, it makes me feel good. Running recycled questions to fill up space is lying to the people who came here to help and a waste of their time because they are already answered fake questions. Thats not right.
  • There was a time when people would get addicted to the old AB. More members resulted in more traffic. Now it is just a matter of newcomers deciding if they really like AB.

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