• Largest was an Irish Wolfhound who died recently, they are the tallest dogs in the world and the smallest I've owned is a West Highland Terrier of which I have two.
  • Labrador and a tiny tea cup dog its a cross with a maltese and Papillon
  • The largest: A German Shepherd The smallest: A German Shepherd Summary: I have never owned any dog other than a German Shepherd.
  • Tallest is my german shepherd, but the rottweiler outweighs him. My bulldog is the smallest dog I have ever had, but she is in competition with the shepherd for weight.(LOL)
  • The largest was a Beagle and th smallest was a Golden cocker spaniel. Lady i loved them both very much and miss them too! Now i have a pain in the neck cat that i wouldn't give up if i was offered a million bucks!Lady I know that you must have had pets that meant a lot to you. Because you are a very caring person! Take care Friend!
  • The largest dog I'd ever had was a Great Dane. Her name was Sunny. I had her when I was 6 years old and I could ride her like a mini horse. The smallest dog I'd ever had is Brewster, my chihuahua. Little snugglybuggles he is!
  • my current reject is the largest at 90lbs and my smallest was my first when i 3 or 4,she was a daschund.Greta was her nane.
  • The largest was a German Shepard & the smallest was a Maltese & something mutt.
  • My smallest was a 7lbs chihuahua named Valentine and the largest was a 150lb rottweiler named Sam. Rip both of them. Gone to doggie heaven now.
  • Smallest toy poodle, largest dalmation.
  • Smallest is my current dog and she is a 7 lb. Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix and the largest was a Husky/Shepard/Wolf, pure white and stood 6 ft. on his hind legs. I guess his weight would have been about 150 lbs. I also had a dog in the middle. She was a Brittany/Cocker Spaniel mix and she was about 25 lbs. +5
  • I have owned a toy poodle and wolf/shepard..:)
  • I've had two dogs. First was a pit/husky mix. Second was a Boxer. Both were around the 60-80 lbs range. I love big dogs. I wouldn't mind getting a boston terrier or a miniature pinscher though. I get my dogs from a shelter and usually its the pups and the small dogs that go first.
  • Beagle and Lab. I don't like extremes either way, they tend to not be healthy. I like dogs that have been bred to work, as they are usually pretty sturdy and usually have good tempers.
  • smallest is a westie the biggest was a German Shepard.
  • My big guy is a giant breed Malamute, 200 lbs. The little guy is a Maltipoo, about 8 lbs. The big guy's poop is bigger than the little guy.
  • I now own a 2.8 pound chihuahua and I did own a Bullmastiff that was 103 pounds.
  • i have a big Afghan hunter
  • Big: Boxer :) my all time fav dog!!! Little: King Charles Spaniel Cavalier the one in my pic she's soooo lovley :) my jack might be smaller then he gets older tho.
  • The smallest wasn`t really mine.I found a chiwawa on my front porch, early morning Mothers day.Put a Found ad in the paper.TWO weeks later they came for it.I was so attached to the little shaky dog by then i cryed.Hated to but I did...The biggest is one we have now.A lab mix.Left by someone we told, "we do not want any more dogs!"But they showed up with him desperate to find him a home.He is a nice dog,too.
  • I've always liked Norwegian Elkhounds. They are a mid-sized dog, very friendly and a good family pet. They are great with kids. The downside is that they shed in the spring, and your carpet turns grey from their fur.
  • Largest - Rhodesian Ridgeback (I know you shouldn't have favourites, but she was!) Smallest - Jack Russell cross
  • A bull mastif (it was huge) and a minitcher doxin (sorry about the spelling)
  • I suppose the smallest breed I ever had would be my pitbulls. They weigh about 65 lbs each. The biggest is my husky mix, she's about 75. But I've only ever had the two pitbulls, the husky and one golden retreiver.

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