• Dern skippy that would turn me on. My wife doesn't do that though.
  • sure do. Hubby luvs to see me shake my tits in clubs. Does your honey wear panties when she is shaking her stuff?
  • I wouldn't get turned on from it because I would take it as the other guy disrespecting me and my wife unless I made it clear that it was OK. So if he did it with out my approval I'd beat the shit out of him. But I have no problem with another guy touching my wife as long as our approval is given first. I just don't want any grubby ass dude touching her.
  • Steve, Your not alone, My B/F gets off seeing me getting felt up by other guys, like on the dance floor etc. Although, I usually wear sexy cloths, I don't go overboard, at least we don't think so. I wear snug, revealing blouses, and short skirts, but the're neat, and in good taste. Although, I have been known to take of my panties if a certain guy wanted me to dance, and ocasionally, I go out on the floor, braless. The one club in particular, that we go to, part of the dance floor is pretty dark, and a lot girls get felt up on that part of the floor. I actually saw a girl getting it, one night, she had a really short skirt on and apparently no panties, because the guy had her up against the wall, and I'm sure he had it in her by the way she was moving, and the sounds she was making. I personally, have gotten really horny, getting felt up there, and not just in my blouse. I've actually had guys put their finger into me down at that end of the floor. In fact, one guy actually had his hand in my bra, pinching my nipple while he had his fingers in me. If it gets that intense, we usually take them home, or go to a motel close by. Cause my B/F knows, if I'm not objecting, then I must want to get fucked. And he's all for that.
  • Nope. I don't share.
  • its not good for your wife to be doing that

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