• There's a troll on the loose,AliasTJ.Don't worry,I've been upping and posi-trolling since I came on AB today,They suck.Don't let them get you down.:D *+++++*
  • Go to the dictionary and look up the word 'troll.' Unfortunately, Answerbag has more than its fair share. Just ignore them. The DRs don't count on your final mark, anyway.
  • I got your back.
  • ignore it the more you mention it the more they do it
  • Well, you're obviously not fishing for points by asking this question. Is that all you care about? It's AnswerBag's fault that the wording is "not-helpful". It could mean someone just found the question or answer of less value. Besides, you shouldn't be alerted to such feedback because it just makes people angry, but personally I LOVE IT! I'm hoping to become the worst rated person on AnswerBag. That's my goal. All you positrollers are HYPOCRITES!
  • This is a good place to start. Sounds like you have a "special friend" following you around downrating you.
  • TJ, you have a few good options. You can report it to staff (let me know if you're not familiar with this. I'll teach you how). This way is the best way, if the trolling is prolonged and doesn't stop. THIS IS TROLLING. They can get PB'd for it. TELL STAFF! My favorite way is to simply rely on your friends, because it's quicker. However, you're being trolled, so turning them in will benefit ALL of AB. When you get trolled, come to one of us and tell us! Most of us hate trolls, and are happy to help out a friend. I'll go have a look at your stats and see where I can help. But from now on SAY SOMETHING. Let us know so we can help! +5
  • dont go anywhere, just keep plugging away at giving us more interesting questions. one person can downrate another person fifteen times in a week without any sandbox penalty. maybe more. they are probably just jealous. not to worry, your point score is not affected. consider DRs an honor that someone is taking an interest in you.
  • Here are some points to get you by until the troll is found and terminated with prejudice
  • same happened to me yesterday and it was -4. maybe someone tapped into our conversation! but who cares!!!

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