• Urk, this sounds like Nutrition class all over again! It depends on your total average caloric daily intake. It also depends on how much exercise/physical labor you do on a regular basis. According to Nutritionists, 12-15% of a person's diet should be protein, for best health, but 15-20% is not unreasonable, especially if you are doing serious exercise or med to hard physical labor on a daily basis. While a person needs protein, protein does not convert directly into muscle. Other things are equally important for building muscle, and an excessive intake of protein, esp. whole protein as found in meat, can weaken your bones measurably.
  • an average person can take in approx 30g of protein per day, anything more than this usually ends up in the toilet. depending on whether you work out or have large body mass this figure changes. you should try and get your protein through your diet, rather than supplements though. your body responds better that way, eat plenty of fish and red meat

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