• Barry Manilow and Kenny G make me cry when I hear them.It is a sort of musical torture.
  • There's songs that do make me cry or feel melancholy when I hear them. They bother me so much that I just can't listen to them. Here's some of them: Abba Knowing Me Knowing You John Denver Fly Away Enya How can I keep from singing? Her music is very beautiful but some of her pieces are tearjerking. Lots of Elvis Presley's later music Human Nature, Stranger in Moscow and lots of other pieces by Michael Jackson The Carpenters' music makes me feel very sad. Just hearing Karen Carpenter's voice is enough to really make me cry.
  • Nope...I don't think thee is any song that ever made me cry
  • Dont Take The's a country song but Im not a country listen'n kind of girl so I have no idea who sings it, but it gets me every time :-)
  • I am a 'song cryer'. I am thankful that theatres are dark! Off the top of my head -------- 'Candy's Room' by Bruce Springsteen will always do it ------- it's that guitar.

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