• Unless they have a reason to do it, it would be considered harrassment, I believe.
  • If that was the case we would be living in a police state.Watch the movie "1984" and you will see what I mean.
  • It would cause Chaos in a crowd, LOL.
  • In all honesty, there probably are not enough jails in America to hold all persons for illegal drug possession. Many people carry prescription drug bottles in their pocket and pocketbook. the drug dogs would constantly hit on these items and be a waste of time. Its better to go after the big quantitiy criminals.
  • Oh, great idea. They have third world countries with that anal retentive attitude, move there.
  • In certain, high drug areas of London this is common place. Although, the dogs don't bark (they sit like good little doggies at the feet of the offender). It is not financially viable for police to do this everywhere, and at all times, though in the UK, I expect this must also be the same in the U.S. Further, whilst there are high drug areas I am willing to bet that there would not be many returns in a great proportion of areas too. Also, just because the dog reacts does not mean that the person is carrying drugs at that time, or even that they had carried them. As smart and well trained as they are, they are not fool proof and the person would have to be searched anyway before an arrest could be made.
  • If all drug users were imprisoned, there wouldn't be very many people left.
  • Because very few of us would put up with such a violation of our rights. We have a right to privacy in our personal effects (maybe worded differently, but same theory). Even if it wasn't written down, so few of us would deal with that without protests. I don't do drugs anymore, but I would ABSOLUTELY stand up for someone who does if they were being violated in such a way!
  • Dogs are expensive (you need dog and handler; the dog takes months to train and only works a few years) and have relatively short working hours. As with all law enforcement, there is a cost/benefit tradeoff. You could say "why is there not a policeman on every street corner 24/7 - surely that would stop crime".
  • Invasion of privacy and the dogs would be in danger by keeping junkies from their fix....think about it
  • .. and if you carry drugs don't walk next to police dogs.

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