• With your mouth
  • With company
  • I only drink it from a tap. I hate beer from a bottle or can.
  • on a stool with a preety young lady serving and sitting next to you
  • either down it in one of those yard of alcohol glasses or drink it sivilized from a wine glass
  • Not too fast, before it gets warm, with friends, and never on an empty stomach.
  • In moderation. +5
  • eat a lot of acid or snort some meth and drink till the cows come home
  • Sipped from an ice cold frosty mug.
  • Icy cold straight out the bottle +5
  • on the beach at night, with a cold one, while ur chick lays her head on ur stomach staring into the night sky.. ahh the memories ^_^
  • Yeah..let somebody else do it!!
  • THIS IS AN ADVANCED TECHNIQUE THAT INVOLVES MAKING A BEER BONG USING NOTHING MORE THAN A STRAW AND THE BEER BOTTLE. THIS IS FOR ADVANCED DRINKERS AND SHOULD ONLY BE ATTEMPTED IF YOU'RE ACCUSTOMED TO DRINKING. DRINKING BELOW THE AGE OF 21 IS ILLEGAL IN THE U.S. DON'T RISK IT. YOU WILL NEED THE FOLLOWING: 1) A straw. 2) A sharp knife, scissor, or lighter (any of these, not all) 3) A bottle of beer. A. Cut a horizontal slit into the straw just 2" from the top. Do not cut the straw in half! B. Stick the straw into the bottle up to the cut, but allow the top 2" to hang over the lip of the bottle so that half of the straw is inside the bottle and the other half is bent over the outside. C. Seal your mouth over the top portion of the bottle, allowing the top two inches of the straw to stick outside of the side of your mouth. D. With the bottle in your mouth, tilt your head back. The straw will allow the air to enter the bottle as you pour the beer down your throat at an ADVANCED PACE.
  • Ice cold ,with a good head of froth,the first pint should go straight down,a friend of mine can sink 2 pints in 13 seconds(no joke).My favourite tipple was Guinness ,ice cold.I cant dink it now as I'm Coeliac(gluten intolerant). But I like my cider and wine.
  • 1. Take beer into mouth 2. Enjoy flavour 3. Swallow. For those drinking pissy mass-market American beers, omit step 2.
  • Have someone pick you up by the legs and hold you upside down while you drink straight from the keg for as long as you can.

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