• Atheism makes you more interested in being in truly fulfilling relationships, makes sense.
  • Who's Paul Vitz?
  • I suspect that he brings his own biases to his research. On the face of it, what he says makes sense: Someone without a relationship with God will find other relationships. But if you look at the website you linked to, he also says, "I assume that the major barriers to belief in God are not rational." If that's not bias, I don't know what is. As a research-trained psychologist, he should know better. Furthermore, why is he confining his remarks to women? The same statement should hold true for men, as well.
  • Evidence? Sounds like the sort of statement that believes *want* to be true, and make as if it *were* true. Of course, if documented, statistically valid evidence were presented, i would have to change this opinion.
  • Is Prof. Vitz a man? Tell Prof. Vitz I could maybe listen if the great Prof. did not isolate the argument to women only. Why would a man not feel the same void in a Godless universe? We as human beings due to our divine connection will always look for the sacred. It may be a dysfunctional version, but that is what we are striving to connect to.
  • Big, fat crock-o-shit!
  • I fail to see the sexual differentiation here. ;-)
  • People that believe in God also fill their lives with the same relationships as those that don't. Most believers also require substitute relationships with other people because rarely do you find a person happy to believe in God and have no need for anything else at all.
  • Nature abhors a vacuum. If a woman rejects her current lover, she'll likely find another. If she quits smoking, she may take up chewing gum. When you give up something that takes time and attention, you don't just leave it blank. And like Dr. Dredd, why pick on women, men are the same.
  • "Human kind, without God, cannot truly and eternally be happy. Humans were designed by God to be with God. When they seperate themselves from God and are out of their natural element, they will try and seek for substitute happiness in a thousand diffrent places and ways, only to find, every time, that the happines they have tried to create around them simply is not eternal and in the end does not last......"
  • I would have to echo what some other baggers have mentioned. The end of any relationship will leave a vacuum that will be filled with other things.
  • Apart from being sexist, Dr Vitz's premise is terribly faulty. 1. there does not exist a 'divine relationship' with the nonexistent, as it would with, say, one's parents, siblings, or a good tracher. 2. Loss of 'nothing' can not create a vacuum. Once someone (man/woman) has cleared the cobwebs of blind-faith from their 'mental attic', it is primitive and arrogant to assume that another garbage needs take its place. "Mind is like a parachute. It works only when it is open." --- and it doesn't run on vacuum! “If mind were a six-sided box subject to gravity, the best door to ‘open’ it would be the floor, so there would be no room for any [irrational superstitious] junk to be left behind!!”
  • I think its bullpooey. I am happily single and atheist. I don't have a void in me to fill with desperate searching (like relationships). I've had a calm approach to no interactive god in my life and have lost the fear that religion once binded me to.
  • 8-17-2017 Who is Dr. Paul C. Vitz and why should I care?

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