• Drinking beer instead of Champagne.
  • he thinks he's leading amarica into the best direction but soon we will be no better than places like tijuana, real run down most everyone is broke and living on the streets ect.
  • Right now, I would say Obama's biggest problem is figuring out how solve this nations health care dilemma. He must find a way to insure ALL Americans and find a way to pay for it, as well. +5
  • he became president in a time where all is just about lost, and in a world filled with critics and hypacracy, all over.
  • People who do not have the foresight to understand a problem that took idiot Bush 8 years to make and can and will not be fixed in one year or 4.. The man is not a magician..The debt incurred during that time was the result of the Republican's inability do what needed to be done and not throw money every which way but loose....President Obama has to clean up this giant mess! His biggest problem is impatience of the people who voted him in... and people who do not stand behind their vote! If I could look into a crystal ball I would show you what would happen with MCcain and palin(GOD FORBID} in his place..We need to be patient! Obama is a man not a miracle worker! The mess left behind is to big for that!
  • The fact that he drinks Budlight!!! Really??? Come on Barack..Guiness Hotstuff:):)LOL:P
  • People who are misinformed and people with agendas that do not coincide with helping the middle class and poor of this nation. It's that simple. You might not agree with everything he is doing but he's trying and he's doing something. He even said he's human and he's going to make mistakes. He's not above asking for help and accepting it. But there are people with cruel intentions and just want him to fail no matter what the cost is and the cost is the well being of the people of the USA.
  • His belief system. He doesn't understand how economics or free enterprise is supposed to work.
  • The vast number of idiots who live in his country.
  • his vices...alcohol, tobacco.
  • Idiots who hate him for no good reason.
  • Lack of experience.
  • The unpatriotic people that hope he fails!
  • he's a blithering idiot.
  • The situation he stepped into before he even took office. Honestly, it was fascinating to me to watch people compete to win for *that* position in government. Things were so very screwed; even if Obama did nothing, our country would have continued to derail with the current budget plan. It's amazing to me that anybody would actually *want* to be president in this day & age, with the current circumstances. PS - I forgot another MAJOR fault with President Obama: HE'S A POLITICIAN - first & foremost. Case closed.
  • Outside his race is other (mixed blood). He has been handed a pile of doody to clean up that former presidents (stay out of the bushes) created. People should let him do his job. People complain soooo much about Obama but allowed other presidients to place us in this mess and said nothing.
  • Not enough experience.....
  • i think action speaks louder than words, he talks too much , carry them into force little
  • There is no one answer. Just a combination of problems lumped into one big problem. . . 1) He picked up were Bush left off. He basically jumped into a sinking ship . 2) He is just a puppet serving his masters. (someone is pulling the strings, he's just moving with it. . 3) He doesn't write his own speeches. (How can you trust anyone who doesn't). He's basically just an actor. Bush is no different. . 4) He's afraid of Israel. When Israel hijacked an American aid ship going to Gaza, and arrested 21 crew member, He did nothing. . Israel continues to defies the UN and America. The right thing to do is to stop all Aid to Israel. But Obama, along with many other Americans are to afraid to do so. It's "career" suicide.
  • The Right Wing Republicans, what else?
  • Biggest problem? A know-it-all arrogance that even exceeds GWB's. Such is an extremely dangerous thing for somebody who is a mere theoritician, bearing no practical experience in the areas about which he's most passionate (health care, energy, foreign policy, governing, leadership).
  • Getting certain people to realize that he is actually their president whether they like it or not.

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