• Are they born with the ability,or do us men give them the ammunition? I don't find your question offensive....but then I'm a male.....tell you what though ,they get worse as they get older.
  • Many, maybe most, are born with the 'abiltiy' but not all use it. I think nagging is more a phenomenon of modern, urban living. Here is why....In earlier times, still so in many areas, a man farmed his own land, built his own house, worked at home all the time, and his wife came from a similar background. She knew the work her husband did and she knew her own work. Both appreciated each other and what they did. I never heard either of my grandmothers nag my grandfathers. They would not have tolerated it anyway, I think. Life is different for many today. Many women may also work outside, but many do not. Many spend a lot of time wanting more and more things done "around the house" by the husband or wanting him to be involved in more "social activity", going out more for dinners, doing this or that...all the time. Many find it very important to "keep up with the Joneses" next door,...sometimes in very silly ways. Many men come home from work exhausted and want some needed quiet and relaxation. My grandfather certainly got it...and so did my father. They were not "nagged"...and heaven help any of us kids who had had a problem at school or got in trouble of any kind. We knew the consequenses.
  • No. Men fuel the fire
  • No they are not born that way. Men make them that way. I wish women could come up with a word that is as offensive to men as this one is to some women. But its OK...All in good fun! (Right?)
  • My answer to this is usually, "If men were self-starters, women wouldn't have to be cranks!" LOL
  • I answered your question when you posted it and took it in fun and answered in kind saying that it takes a man to bring it out in her, I was down rated twice for my answer! laughs.
  • There seem to be some differences between the actions of men and women.
  • We wouldn't nag if you men were not such pains in the ass.
  • initially, i did find the question offensive. However, if you take the time to realize its only bitterness speaking, its not offensive because the person who asked is only expressing some sort of emotional discomfort. Besides, compared to the numerous Q&A on AB that say all women are goldiggers, bitches, sluts, liars and whores, this one really isnt all that bad.
  • I have to admit... it did make me roll my eyes ;)
  • not at all i just say hey do it all ready and i will not keep mentioning it. the ball is in your court now.
  • Well, my 5 year old granddaughter IS awfully bossy. It'd be cute if it didn't portend a miserable future for someone.
  • Yeah but some practice so much that they get it down to a science.
  • Yes, the reason is estrogen. Only feminists would find this question offensive.

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