• I agree with you, but what's your question? Parent's like the one's you described are rasing uncontrollable brats and as a result we are all doomed.
  • You are right . But part of the problem in my opinion is people are being told not to disapline their kids now days . They think 5 min in a chair in the corner is good punishment and all that does is give them 5 mins to think of something else to mess up .And with no limits a child will keep pushing to see what they can get away with .I was always spanked as a child so i support spanking BUT not abuse after id get in trouble i was sent to my room knowing my father would be in but he would always wait about a hour so i would have time to think about what i did and the impending doom comming then i was made to go out and get my own switch (after i was about 6) and then he would talk to me about what i did and why i was in trouble for it then i would get 3-5 swats on the rear . With no anger and left no bruses .But for some reason todays eggheads see that as abuse . If we dont get back to real punishments the child over parent problem is just going to continue to get worse .We spanked our daughter and she never thew fits in stores or begged for things and made a scene .parents need to be harder on their kids when it comes to punishments but never go to far and never do it while angry and always explain to the child why they are getting punished .
  • I agree wholeheartedly and this pitiful trend runs deep within my family as well. Some people just shouldn't have children in my opinion!
  • I agree with you and you are not crazy. This is the problem. Anymore if a parent spanks their child DCFS is called and the parents have to answer for why they "beat" their child (even if they didn't beat them). We have so many people afraid of being labeled a child abuser that parents won't do their job. Once you are labeled an abuser even if you are found not guilty that stays on your record and if you are in a career working with kids you can lose your job and never be able to work with kids again. If people would mind their own business instead of making reports of child abuse (when it's discipline) parents would be able to raise children to be respectable children. There is a line between spanking and abuse don't get me wrong but parents have lost control. In some countries you can now go to jail for spanking your child. Then the kids grow up and end up pregnant, on drugs, in juvenile hall and society wonders why. We have kids taking guns to school and we wonder why.
  • I think so too. I dont want kids now because I am worryed when they get older they will turn on me because of the people around them. I think it has somthing to do with young girl having babys. Not all young girl are bad but alot of them are there still kids themself.
  • I text my friend just that the other day! These little brats had the run of the opticians, almost killed them, and their Mum was all 'Tra la la, I'll pick my frames and ignore the devils spawn I created'
  • I know exactly what you mean! The lack of respect is shocking, and it is the parent's fault! No wonder so many are self-centered today!
  • how many children do you have? parents can not always "control" their children, nor do they always approve of their children's behaviors. i do think new parents should take parenting classes
  • No matter the age of the kid they know what they can get away with, they're also plenty smart enough to behave. I also have no respect for weak minded, lazy parents who look the other way.
  • I agree with you. Children are in a constant state of learning. They are not born knowing everything or what's good for them. That's the parent's responsibility, to teach and guide them until they are old enough to take care of themselves and make their own decisions. When parent's don't 'act the parent' they are actually doing it more for themselves than for the child. They think parenting is a popularity contest and they have no faith in the child's love for them. So they fear ever being in 'disagreement' with the child. It's a cop-out. I believe it is the parent's job to prepare the child for the real world. Well, in the real world you don't get your way all the time. So, no wonder the children are dissillusioned, angry and bitter when they finally venture out on their own. They think the world is against them whenever they are not getting their way. They don't realize the world is neutral or just doesn't give a damn. So they develop rejection issues and when they have children they want so desperately for their child to love them that they repeat the cycle with their own kids.
  • I will never take orders from my kids,or tolerate any form of bad behavior,But i think your words are harsh if you dont know the history of the family.who are we to judge?
  • My husband and I often find ourselves in state of a complete shock when shopping for groceries.Kids running all over the place. Screaming, nagging for candy or other things. We cannot believe parents do not dicipline their kids, walking around with pacifiers while they are five years old. Unbelievable. Even my son is afraid of them, trying to shop politely and calm with his little shopping cart. I just cannot comprehend it. How can they actually be suprised that their kid/s are out of control when they do not even attempt to control them. 'I do not know why my son is behaving that way.' Well I know.. Seeing a perfect reflection of mommy's behaviour. The thing that is most stupid about it. These parents punnish their children for the mistakes they, as parents, make. They always think our son just got born the way he did and that he just IS a happy kid. Yeah right. We work our asses of to dicipline him and therefore make him happy and in control of himself. We are not strict but we stand our ground. If we say no, it will still be no tomorrow. My sons knows that and therefore does not try to persuade us.

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