• I would suggest placing insulation in the spots of the windows. If you don't have insulation; blankets should work just as well. Good luck!
  • Insulate the windows in your basement, get a Kerosene heater, a digital thermostat to check the temperature, fire it up for 5-10 minutes, and the basement will stay warm. That's what my s/o does on cold days when he is working on his hobbies in the basement.
  • Is it warm down there when the air is off? If so, the simplest solution is to turn the air off. To put further thought into it: underground spaces generally stay at a fairly constant temperature year-round. If your basement generally does not warm up , that may be why. In that case, insulating your basement will not likely help unless you add a heat source. If your basement does get warm, but just gets overly cold when your AC is on, then it's cold air settling down low due to poor ventilation. Adding a large fan on the top floor of the house or attic, pulling air upward, should not only warm the basement, but also cool the other floors of the house without running the AC as aggressively.
  • Along the lines of what 64 said, there's not a whole lot to do. The basement will always be colder because it's under grade. You'll need an independent heat source to warm it up. (assuming that you have it well insulated)
  • Turn the air off!

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