• Do you mean like ecrater or freecycle? There are some others as well: (quick and dirty, sorry some duplicates) Edgeio CityLeases Matchifieds Oodle Plugstar SellStuffLocal Village Voice matchifields Cityleases sellstufflocal VillageV GetItSellIt Google Base ListSomething Northboard UrbanBaby Classifieds TopNYCApts
  • If you are posting event information (e.g. festivals, parades, classes, art shows, antique shows or any other community happening) try . You can post you information in many cities and towns across the United States.
  • Your ad can appear locally (within your zipcode, city, county, or state) or nationwide in 76,169 locations. You can place your help wanted ads in any location absolutely free (no extra charge for big cities). You can specify that your ad will never be flagged and removed by other users (for a small fee). You can specify that your ad will be promoted to the top of the list (reposted) each day (for a small fee).
  • There is also a site for realty. this site actually provides agent services for very cheap to sell your home.
  • Kijiji
  • Here are several links to which I regularly post my listings … For second homes and land … Here are a couple of FSBO links that may help ...
  • You can post your ads free of charge at :
  • I Love and use free classifieds and it works for me.
  • You're still willing to trust these sites after the "Craigs List Killer"? Check out your local listings carefully. There are lots of community sites that are much safer!
  • I found this new one: . I also like .
  • Couple more free classifieds if you live in la area
  • the classifieds are similar
  • Letgo. You can sell and chat with others locally:

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