• It all depends on where the wedding is held, if it is indoors and highly formal, those legs better look pretty good and groomed to death. If you can sport legs like Jennifer Anniston's with the wax and the sheen and the tan, go for it. If you have any imperfections, better go with the nylons that suit the outfit and closed toes.
  • OK thanks for answering but if i was to wear nylons, what colour should i go with, nude or black?
    • BRG
      OMG not black nylons! wear nude and DO NOT GO BARELEGGED, I don't care how good they look without hose.......bare legs at a wedding? skanky, to say the least!! also, don't wear too much jewelry.........a simple necklace and/or want to look a little 'understated' after all, it's the BRIDE who should be getting all the attention,,,,and the groom too, but that probably 'ain't gonna happen', right? LOL
  • Would you also like me to tell you what color underwear to wear and whether it should be bikinis, bloomers or thongs?
  • it is completely fine to wear black to a wedding. I would suggest nude or no stalkings. :)

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