• I gotta be straight with you.That was wrong,my friend.*+++++*
  • Hmmm. Your answer was flippant, but OTOH, your MIL's response says something. If it were me and I felt seriously threatened by this person, I'd file a police report, not a lawsuit. I would not want to take the assailant's money; I'd want him to be punished. If she's seeking monetary gain from the issue, she must not be that offended by it.
  • Some people can handle it, others can't. If it was my mother in law, she'd be bragging about it until the cows came home.
  • If a 73 year ole guy had his ass grabbed by a 25 year old female. I'm going out on a limb, here, there would be no lawsuit. ;) hee Not a bad joke, just don't say it around most females and you'll be fine. Me, on the other hand, I found it hysterical.
  • i dont think so. but listen to your wife. go out and buy her a rose and some chocolate. tell her ur sorry, or just ignore it. lol :)
  • Few people file lawsuits "on a whim". For her to file suit means that she is seriously PO'd. And frankly, I don't blame her. It's not that the 25-year-old guy found her so attractive, it's that he felt he could take liberties with her that she clearly and obviously wasn't willing to grant him, and that he could be so cavalier and disrespectful towards her. You might be able to apologize to her (and to your wife) and get away -- ONCE! -- with saying that you didn't understand then how seriously she took this -- and that you certainly do now! I'd look for some way to make amends more than a simple apology, though. I think it might be permitted for YOU to pay your MIL the compliment that she's damn fine-looking (and don't you dare say "for her age"!) and that you can understand why a young guy would want to be friendly with her, and you might also explain that you were trying to inject humor to defuse a tense situation. But don't disrespect her (you saw what she's doing with the other guy!) and patronize her. She feels that her dignity has been assaulted, more than she feels threatened or unsafe. And she's not wrong in feeling that way, apparently. Take her seriously and treat her with respect.
  • Haven't you learned this by now. Never say anything around your wife except, "yes honey" "what a wonderful idea you have" "I love that outfit" and "I am going to mow the lawn" Stick with that and the rest of the world is cream cheese.
  • Its all a matter of opinion i guess,My mother would have pinched his ass and winked at him if he was a hottie ;)
  • Perhaps your mother in law had a very tough life. I don't see people like that smile a lot and they easily manage to make a mountain out of a mole hill. It shows that for those people life is a very serious business not to be taken too lightly. Joking is not really advised and on the whole things are rather sad and uninteresting. Personally, I feel sorry for them. No, it was not a bad joke, perhaps a little out of place but not worth filing a suit taking up valuable time in a court room.
  • not a bad joke, just the wrong person to tell the joke to. MOST 73 year old women probably wouldn't file a LAW SUIT!!
  • I think its funny lol, and i'm a girl. That sounds rather dramatic to file a law suit, but each to their own.
  • Yes it was.. And you are in trouble!!!
  • Pooh, I dont think you understand why Marta was mad. Because you got Jessie all upset she will tell all three of Marta's sisters. Now Marta will have all four of them calling and complaining about you. Marta does not want to hear all that. That is why you wife is so pissed. If you said it privately to her, she probably would have laughed. But since you said it in front of her mother, now she has to endure her families wrath....You need to watch what you say and not give Marta's side of the family ammunition that can be used against your wife.

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