• I don't think I ever saw a picture of me that I like - "Don't point that thing at me!"
  • I'm not photogenic, but I am at peace with that fact and don't object to my picture having been taken.
  • I avoid the camera like the plague.
  • I take decent pictures. Heck you want to snap a shot go or it..haha...
  • I would only let passengers take a cockpit picture of me if I had the right for a redo. There was a reason for my stipulation!
  • I don't enjoy looking at myself so I avoid it most of the time.
  • I get a bit panicy when someone tries to take my picture. I don't like it. I have accidentally smashed a friend's digital camera trying to escape from it!
  • I don't avoid the camera. Sometimes, I think its the angle the picture's been taken from, the camera or even the photographer. I have taken great shots of myself that's far better than most that was taken of me! So I think that means, I'm photogenic? Yay!!
  • I've been told that I am, and some photos I've seen of myself I've thought were good, but they are usually cancelled out by the others where I'm thinking "no-one told me I look like THAT!" and I hate getting my photo taken.
  • I dont think I am, if I'm smiling I just look evil, so in every photo of me I look miserable.
  • Well..I don't like my photo taken..
  • No, but I do not avoid the camera.+
  • I don't avoid the camera so much as I just don't get in front of them often. The camera captures the uneveness of my features.
  • Yes, I'm photogenic, everyone freakin' tells me that so it has to be true, regardless of what I think even about it. On a photogenic scale I'd give myself a 8.5 ---- for every 10 pics taken of me, 8.5 of them are internet profile material. So I DO like to have pictures taken of me. The funny thing is is that when I was like 8 I used to HATE IT whenever someone would point a camera at me lol
  • I'm actually kinda shy, but I had to get over it when I was working in Old City Philly, PA as a Colonial Persona. (Acting job) We were interacting with the public for 8 hours a day in character and had our photos taken...geez..some days it might be a hundred times, or more (some probably also taken that we didn't even know were being shot!)
  • I'm usually the person taking the photos, which is fine with me.
  • I'm not photogenic, but I don't avoid the camera. I just accept that I look the way I do and I'm thankful because it could have been worse!
  • I think I look ten times worse in pictures. But, I don't shy away from cameras as I am a mommy and I think pics are important for my kids. My mom doesn't have very many pics with us kids and that bothers me.
  • I'm kind of shy. I was a nude model for an art classes when I was in school. After a year of that, I turned my back, err, front, away from pubic, I mean, public view. Just kidding - my wife made me stop when we were engaged.
  • Im very photogenic but I try to avoid my picture taken. Im usually the one with the camera.

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