• I'd be suspicious.
  • I would be leery.
  • SURE!!! Why not!! And it is a plus if he is tall dark and handsome!!! OH YEAH!!! +5
  • they liked what they thought they saw ...........
  • I would think that they had better be damn interesting or extremely hot if they want to continue breathing in my air. Otherwise I toss a bone into iggy *ignore* and watch them follow it in.
  • I'd hope they don't have a voice like Fran Drescher.
  • I would think they simply didn't want to eat their dinner alone, and I would welcome them to my table (assuming they seemed normal, i.e. not crazy or weird).
  • It depends on the situation really. I travel all the time on business and really hate going out to eat alone so I would be ok with it unless the person is obviously disturbed or something. I need more info though it could be a customer or rep from the company your dealing with so it's hard to say.
  • when one person sits at a table in a restaurant, or when one person sits in a booth at a restaurant, it doesnt mean that person owns that table or booth. someone else is allowed to sit in the empty chair and eat on the other side of the table, or sit in the space in the other side of the booth. I would welcome someone sitting at my table. It would be an opportunity to meet a special person. someone who is not afraid of strangers. someone who does know restaurant etiquette. someone who has good characteristics from the beginning. and has made a favorable first impression.
  • I'm alone; they are alone. And it's no fun to eat alone. so, why not? no different than sharing a table on a cruise...perhaps you will make a new friend or not. but you will never know unless you take some time to get to know the other person over a meal. If they are weird, etc, then you never have to see them or sit with them again!
  • Same or different sex? Were there any empty tables? What kind of restaurant-McDonalds or white table cloth? Big city or small town?

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