• Take Vit C daily, to prevent a cold..not to cure one. No one should take extremely hot chicken soup. All you can do is burn your mouth. And 3 bowls a day?..what is that going to do for a cold..The reason that people take chicken soup for a cold, is for the protein content and not because it is extremely hot. There is not one step that is correct in this article. It is totally inaccurate and sounds as if it were written by a child. If you have a headache go outside in the cold?. How about taking two tylenol,hot tea, some toast or cereal to keep up your strength and go to only have a cold. It is also not healthy to inhale the fumes of vicks menthol. This article should be deleted...not accurate. Someone has been playing with the stats if it appears to be all accurate.;)..
  • assuming you are over 21 i always just turn the heat up (or the sir off depending on where you live) put on a bunch of hot clothing and slam a good bottle of whiskey and sleep and sweat always works for me
  • lots of vitamin C and maybe caugh syrup.
  • The best way to be healthy, is to use PREVENTIVE meds... for example if a coworker is sick... and you are STILL ASYMPTOMATIC, you can stock up on vitamins so your body is protected against a viral attack. Works for me, I HATE getting sick. lol
  • Actually, there aren't really any medicines that CURE colds, they usually only lessen the symptoms. Take a hot bath to "cook" the cold germs out. Lots of nose blowing, no sniffling, to get all the disesed mucous out.
  • a cup of linden tea with lemon an honey three times a day.
  • There is no medicine that cures colds. Just take care of yourself and let your body do the healing. Sleep, stay warm, eat hearty, healthy foods, drink water. Fuel your body to do the work of fighting the cold, and don't make it more difficult for your immune system by exerting energy on other things.
  • there is no natural or medical way to cure a cold
  • Lots of water, chicken soup, fresh fruits and vegetables, hot showers, vitamins and minerals.
  • Like other contributors have said - there 'aint a cure but vitC, echinacia and good common sense, & rest go a long way to put you right. Don't go into work - don't be a hero - no one wants your bugs either. You may infect other people who don't have much resistance e.g. - asthmatics (like me) who may have more severe and longer-term affects from your cold. (I'm also the carer for my elderly parents - so the chain of infection can have serious consequences for others.) Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly to avoid passing bugs on to others.
  • This will help your cold lemon juice and honey mixed together.
  • THANKS!!!:)
  • A couple of hundred MGs of Zink and around 400mg Magnesium daily will greatly reduce the chance of a cold. Vit. C also helps.
  • 2-6-2017 If a cold is untreated it drags on for about two weeks, but there are some remedies that will knock it out in as little as two weeks. Of all the things that won't cure a cold, whiskey is the most popular.
    • Jewels Vern
      A cold tends to follow a blue spell by about two weeks. You can decide not to be blue, so you can decide not to have a cold. I learned that in 1974 and have been cold free ever since.
  • Just wait a week.
  • Colds cure naturally on their own. Straight whiskey can help ease the symptoms though.
  • 9-26-2017 Of all the things that won't cure a cold, whiskey is the most popular.

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