• I think newspapers will survive in some form. But it won't the current model that has a front page story that is essentially the same thing I read yesterday on the home page of yahoo. They must deliver some in depth and offbeat stories that we can't find somewhere else.
  • i dont know they may or maynot, everything is going to computers so they may not last long i be shocked if they do thow.
  • If they quit trying to be leftist proganda tools and start reporting the news straight they have hope. IF they continue pushing agendas instead of reproting news they will die as the communists will eventually in this country as well.
  • For as long as there are traditionalists and senior citizens...Yes. But they do keep getting smaller and smaller
  • Yes, with out them what will people line the bottoms of their bird cages with.
  • I couldn't watch the video, my sound's on the fritz. I think they'll probably go the same way as the radio stations. The biggest cities may have one or two independent voices, but the rest of us will be left with pablum and ads.
  • Not from where I'm sittin' yo...

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