• shovel, i could make a the ground, but who cares it's in the ground?!?
  • I would like a grenade. I always wanted one but in this case it could be useful. I would just throw it into the jungle and go collect whatever was dead...and eat it.
  • Shovel... you can dig a toilet, use the sharp edge to shape spears for hunting, and it's always a good source of entertainment to ride down a sand dune on a shovel head!!
  • If this island has lots of easily accessible food to give me a balanced diet, accommodation, sewage facilities and, most importantly, a filling station I'd go for the motor bike. Otherwise, it would have to be the shovel.
  • I'll take the motorcycle and take it apart and make it into a motor boat (sans holes this time).
  • if i had endless fuel i would have a motorcycle so i could herd up the wildlife turn it into roadkill and eat it
  • I'd go with the shovel although the grenade would be nice if you wanted to end things quick. And you might be able to use the motorcycle to engineer some sort of boat with a rudementry propultion system.
  • I'd take the grenade. I just haven't been around that many explosions in my life. Why not end with one? Kaboom! It's over. Yeah, I can totally see that...
  • the motorcycle, that would help me get off the island
    • Jenny_Rizzo
      Really? Do you plan to ride the motorcycle through the ocean? lol
    • pearllederman
    • Jenny_Rizzo
      You can at least try to see what happens. :)
    • pearllederman
  • A shovel, no question about it. It is the ultimate survival tool to carve all kinds of hunting weapons.
  • It depends on the size of the island.

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