• I have seen them live and let me tell you, it was a kickass show. They sound just as good as they do on the cd. No lie. They have a lot of energy, and they interact with the crowd and whatnot. I mean, seriously, they sound unbelievably good. I saw them play on tv, before I saw them and I was like "Nah... someone edited that or something," but it was actually a really good live show. If you like them, it is definitely worth it. Probably one of the best live performances I've seen. =]
  • I have seen them twice now. I would totally recommend going to a show. The atmosphere is amazing and the vocals are awesome. Since Jared Leto is an actor at heart there is always a great stage show. I love all of the symbology. Believe me if they come near me again I will do anything possible to go to another show! I have also meet the band twice and they are absoultly wonderful to their fans! Well worth whatever means necessary to see the show!

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