• I'm not an Atheist, but please allow me to pretend to be one, to answer your question. I think the best thing would be knowing that because Gawd doesn't exist, neither does "eternal punishment" for those who have died and not pleased a fictional being. If there is no Gawd, then there is no Hell. +5
  • I think not having the angst that religious faith can bring. My mother was brought up as a strict Catholic and educated at a convent school - and it has left its mark on her.
  • i dont have to pay the greedy wealth hoarding church any of my hard earned!
  • Party with no repurcussions.
  • I just like having my rationality and common sense. Having humanist beliefs seems much more beneficial to me as well.
  • that i'm not controled by religious dogma i can make my own decesions based on logic.
  • I have always had doubts of the bible and it's concept of a god,being Atheist has allowed me to be responsible for my future,not living under the thumb of a book and church,this could take hours as I see this as a purely discussion question,but I'll end it here:)
  • I'm an agnostic but like most atheists, I get to sleep in on Saturday and Sunday mornings instead of going to church. :D
  • I get to sleep in on Sunday mornings, or cook breakfast for a special lady friend. :)
  • getting to tease all the religious nuts. Knowing that I am rational and logical. Not being controlled, told what to do, or being fearful that if I do something wrong, I am going to Hell.
  • Doing as I damned well please because I don't have to answer to God. : )
  • Not feeling like you are going to go to hell if you breathe in the wrong direction.*+++++*
  • watching believers make themselves look even crazier when they try to prove God's existence.
  • It is liberating. I am my own. I am free. I choose how to live and how to treat others. I do not need God to tell me to treat others with kindness. It is clearly in my interest to do so. I do not need God to tell me not to steal. It is unsatisfying, and bad for my self esteem. I do not need to imagine that all of reality was created by God in order to appreciate it's vastness and magnificence. I do not need God to make nature more wonderous. And I do not need God to distract from what I already know...that when my mortal life is over, for me the world will end. And so it is. It is liberating.
  • the only person's expectations I have to live up to are my own. But then of course I have to take responsibility for all of my actions as well....and I don't have to feel guilty about some freak-nasty sex.
  • They love the freedom of non-accountability as a result of arbitrary moral and ethical values.
  • That I know that i do good things because i think they are right and because i want to. Also that I can live my life how i want to live it and not worry about consequences after i die
  • I have felt uncomfortable with some of the beliefs of Christianity since I was in early elementary - around 5-6 years old I think. I remember our teacher telling us that only Christians go to heaven, when the previous week we had been shown pictures of poor starving (and non-Christian) children in Africa many of whom would die without ever hearing about Jesus. I thought it manifestly unfair that they should be punished simply because they happened to be born there. Since then I often felt uncomfortable with one thing or other in Christianity - how God punished the pharaoh after hardening his heart, hos God drowned everyone except the contents of one large boat, how God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah (including their women and children) etc... and the worst thing was that you were required to keep on believing that God is loving and just. As an atheist I can breathe a sigh of relief that I am not required to believe things that contradict each other.
  • The feeling of hopelessness.
  • The tips
  • Being responsible enough to actually be happy, and subscribing it to a mythical being. I'm not constantly fretting about whether or not I'm displeasing the big dude by my actions. Nor am I pretending to be much happier in my professed role in an effort to brown nose Gawd and earn some more heavenly green stamps.
  • Freedom. To know that an unlikely chain of events has put me here for this short time and while I breath I am the luckiest bunch of atoms in the universe. Random chance is a beautiful thing - grasp it and enjoy it.
  • Doing whatever you want and still considering yourself moral and ethical.
  • I make my own decisions based on my own reasons. I have to lie in the bed I make, be it good or bad. No one is going to save me, or punish me. Its the ultimate in personal responsibility.
  • The freedom of choice without feeling guilt.
  • Open minded thinking.
  • I have read all or most of all statements made by those proclaiming to be atheists. One main theme I observed was all proclaimed freedom to do as they wish and not be holding to anyone. Most of what they wrote about was actually from church dogma and teachings and not from the Bible. To read and understand what is said in the Bible actually gives more freedom in what a person desires to do. For instance God is not against drinking, He is only opposed to being a glutton and a drunkard. He set no other boundaries. someone said no guilt about spending the night with their lady friend. The church frowns on this because of their anti sex stand, but God never said it was bad or a sin unless it injured someone such as in rape. Sodom and Gomorrah were not destroyed for homosexuality but for many other things the did against mankind such as rape, murder, failure to care for the welfare of others and many more. Most atheists base their hate and dislike of the Bible and churches on hearsay and not facts. I am a Christian but through much study and research I do not attend church as I have learned about the lies from the pulpit. Churches not God have turned millions away from the Love of God and Jesus Christ. I like all of you were the same and did not believe in God. I had a beautiful occurrence happen in my life that changed my beliefs leaving no doubt of the actuality of a deity we call God. That has prompted over 50 years of study and obtaining of true knowledge. I am not attempting to change your anti-God beliefs, that is your choice I am only saying that as intelligent people learn and study the truth and not the hearsay. The true information is out there.

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