• Because, you see, the Earth has this huge rain magnet in it and when watery clouds get close enough, the magnet starts to pull out the rain. At least that's what my father taught me.
  • because cherry soda is to expensive for the sky gods to buy in bulk... Just kidding, here is a good site to go to to explain it to you:
  • Because clouds are water
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  • "Rain plays a role in the hydrologic cycle in which moisture from the oceans evaporates, condenses into drops, precipitates (falls) from the sky, and eventually returns to the ocean via rivers and streams to repeat the cycle again. The water vapor from plant respiration also contributes to the moisture in the atmosphere". "A scientific model known as the Bergeron process explains how rain forms and falls. More recent research points to the influence of Cloud condensation nuclei released as the result of biological processes". Hows that? :-/
  • If rain came from the ground, it would make all the pretty white clouds dirty.
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      This from the guy with an upside down avatar.

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