• This is usually a Malware type virus, download this program, make sure its updated and run it 2 times. once on quick and then on full scan. it will take awhile to run depending on how many files you have on your PC but I would pretty much bet it will clear things up.(this one is free too) Also let me know what other virus/spyware protection you are running? as you may need something alittle better and I had many free things to offer. • Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Is the name of the software, just visit web site and click on download, very easy to use, great malware program.(scroll down page till you see Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Download Link, click And box will open for you to choose run or save, choose save to desktop 3.39MB) HOW TO MANAGE Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware This software is for the virus known as anti-virus 2009 which is really a type of Malware, which can get you in a type of drive by off of just about any site, so far most of the well known software’s have not been able to catch it and disable it, so this one seems to do the job very well. Very easy to use and works well for other Malware as well. Once you have is downloaded, open program. There are 9 tabs across top. 1.Scanner- there are two types of scans you can run quick & full. Quick looks for the most common types of malware Full will analyze all hard drive and provides a deeper scan, takes longer Just click the scan button to begin either of them 2. This is if you were to want to buy the pro. Version 3.This is where you check for updates to this software, just click the button and watch little window that comes up as it looks and seeks out updates(should be done at least once a week) 4.This is quarantine area, this is where are items that are found will be sent, once here they are contained and no longer a threat to your system. You can choose to delete them or leave them or restore them, it’s your choice. Simple choose a button to make the function happen. (In general most items can be deleted with no problems) 5. Logs click the open button after highlighting which one you whish to see, and log will open, showing the scan that was run on that date. You can choose to leave logs or remove them be using the buttons 6. Ignore list this is where some items may show up over and over that are not a real threat, what are considered false/positive, so you can choose to ignore them, and just use remove button 7. Setting all these boxes should be checked except the first one, only check it if you are having major problems with system and need to shut down Internet Explorer to find virus and then set back proper way when done. Choose you language also. 8. This is the area that can help in finding hard to find Malware or unknown ones Each button help you, one collect information, reports to bug, reports false/positive so they can create fix’s Last button helps delete lock files on your system, as some virus/ spyware/malware will do so, making it impossible for you to access them ever again or they create a locked file that has nothing in it. 9. About just tell about program Exit is at bottom right corner

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