• You bet! The Republic of Texas is full of them!
  • I visit Historical sites in every Country or State that I visit. I am a History nut.
  • Not so much in my state I am embarrassed to say. I keep intending to, but haven't gotten around to it. But when I travel to other states or countries, I love visiting historical sites.
  • Many in llinois and Chicago! Such as Lincolm tomb,Watertower place,Field Museum,Museum of science and industry,A few Frank Loyd Wright homes! Visited many more!
  • The Mission Inn in Riverside is somewhat historic. We've visited Hearst Castle, although I'm not sure whether you would count that as an historic site. We've visited some of the missions along the coast. But California doesn't have nearly the number of historic sites as, say, Massachusetts or Pennsylvania or any one of a number of the east-coast states! :)
  • Yes there are many! Enjoy the day!
  • Yes many. My favorite would defiantly be St. Augustine. Such a peaceful town, with much beauty. Plus the fountain of youth. Haha...but it is nice.
  • Many, Gettysburg is a big one as well as Bushy Run Battlefield. Fort Ligonier is very nicely reconstructed, and there are oodles of other colonial, pre-colonial, Revolutionary and Civil War sites all over PA.
  • Yes, the hotel in downtown Los Angeles where Bobby Kennedy was shot and killed.
  • Thanks eveadrian. The problem with lots of historic sites is that something sad happened there. Thanks for your answer and Welcome to Answerbag! :-)
  • When my daughters were young, we went around California looking and visiting Spanish mission churches. We got to see nine of them. Some where in out of the way places.
  • Yes, the Alamo In San Antonio, It was a great experience there, while I was taking pictures of the historic place.
  • When we were living in Germany we went to Nuremburg,the Berlin Wall (before it came down) and after, Ouwschwitzs and the ovens, Westminster Abby,and so many more. The Europeans take history with a greater sence of a life story than most Americans do. It was all beautiful. To me, the Redwood Forest along the west coast(Hwy 101) tells a great story of the treck through the mountain passes made with great hardships and failures, only to arrive, and see the Pacfic Ocean...takes my breath away.
  • I've visited a few places of historical interest in Scotland. Edinburgh Castle, Melrose Abbey (where Robert the Bruce's heart is said to be buried) The one that sticks in my head however was one visited entirely by accident. Near Melrose which is a small town near the Scottish/English border, while out exploring and adventuring we came across a massive statue of William Wallace in the middle of some woods. It was lovely to come across this, like some long forgotten mystery. :)
  • I live in Nashville and I have visited the Hermitage but it was a long long time ago. I have also been to Fort Nashboro. About a year ago I went to Adams Tn. and visited the Bell Witch cave. Saw nothing!!
  • I live close to a small city called Battleground, WA. After a lot of research, I still cannot determine why the name. Maybe an old American Indian battle site. I went to Seattle looking for Chief Joseph's and Chief Seattle's grave site - unsuccessful.
  • I have been to the State Capitol. San Francisco Santa Cruz Pier Santa Monica Pier Venice Beach Dodger Stadium hmmm...where do I live LOL
  • I've been to some Civil War battlefields around here
  • Yes. Fort Snelling, which is near Minneapolis.

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