• Id be taking a risk but I would kneel down to their level and ask if they were alright. If you get down on your knees you seem more accessible to them and they may talk to you. You also may be hit over the head with some woman's umbrella. Like I said it's a risk.
  • This is a difficult situation, made impossible by our liberal judges. The first thing you might want to do, is approach the child. But, you open yourself up to all kinds of possible charges stemming from a confrontation with the parent or guardian, kidnapping, child molestation and more. The best thing to do is to contact the retailer of the store, a grounds keeper or janitor or someone else and point out the child to them.
  • I would approach him and ask him if he was OK and if he was lost. I would stay in view of other people, even drawing them into it so I would be fairly protected from anyone thinking the wrong thing. Preferable an offical of some sort. I't's likely I would stay with the child until I found it's parents.
  • I would approach the child and ask if they were lost or what was wrong, in the event that the child was lost i would then find a security guard to help out. Its terrible that in this day and age, people are frightened to approach children who seem in distress, i recently lost my 4yr old daughter in the local shopping centre, and nobody except security approached her although she was crying and clearly distressed. Signs of the times we live in isnt it?
  • I ask them if their parents lost them. If they did, I take they to a safe place and call the police for help.
  • I would approach the child, but not take him or her out of the public view. First of all I would tell the child my name and that I'm going to help them. I would ask for their name and ask them if they got lost from their mom/dad/other? If nobody approached, I would ask a passerby if they could contact security (or I'd call 911). I would stay with the child until either the parent or authorities arrived.
  • I've been in this situation several times and it's never caused a 'bad' situation -- and I'm a male, even. Most have already said my answer basically. But remember- - there are plenty of other people around , too -- this is a busy place. Other people are not stupid. They have seen this child crying, too, not just you. With a gentle approach, the child has been returned and/or the situations is rectified. Many times, about three of us strangers have stuck around together until we all see the child is OK.

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