• Not this again... that's if you believe that a fetus is a human being -- not everybody believes that.
  • legally there is nothing saying that a fetus is a human being so comparing suicide is not too good of a comparison you should of said murder.
  • The "my body, my choice" should apply to suicide as well. It is inconsistent for suicide to be illegal. Let people live or die as they see fit.
  • I agree it should apply.. But then again if you kill yourself it's not like they can put you in jail..
  • There is a vast difference between an autonomous human being and a potential human being. But, I agree that suicide should be legal. It is rather bizarre because how would they prosecute?
  • Because abortion saves the government money whereas attempted suicide costs the government money. It's all about the Benjamins.
  • That's a loaded question to say the least.I can go 1 step farther for you if you kill a pregnant women even if she was on here way to have an abortion why is the charge a double murder. She was planning on killing this baby anyways. Either way my opinon is they are both wrong murder is murder no matter how you look at it no matter what spin you want to put on it. I personally think they are both wrong but that's just my opinon
  • Because suicide kills a taxpayer but abortion doesn't. The government is pro abortion because kids cost money but don't pay taxes, whereas they are anti-suicide because by the time you're old enough to commit suicide, you're probably old enough to pay taxes.
  • I don't know. Makes no sense. They should both be legal or both illegal.
  • I agree if abortion is legal than why make suicide illegal? It should be the same all the way around
  • You're lookin' for logic in laws?! = Good luck! ;-)
  • Interesting question. As for the legal aspects, let's leave that to the lawyers since they need the money to argue this subject ad infinitum. Philosophically, if you take your own life, you are (in theory) hurting no one but yourself. So, shouldn't it be the other way? With that said, let it be known that I am male, and thus, never have the opportunity or calamity of having to give birth, and thus, cannot fully appreciate the aspects of carrying for 9 +/- months.
  • Well the bright side to suicide is, if you succeed, who's pressing charges?
  • Laws against suicide were repealed or annulled by the courts long ago. Are you referring to assisted suicide or euthanasia? Many places consider that murder or homicide. The difference is that euthanasia involves the killing of a person. A fetus is not defined as a person until the instant of birth. +5

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