• i would let them light up but i would ask them to come to the kitchen and have them smoke under my stove vent so smoke would go outside and my friend could get something they needed at them moment.
  • I'd send them outside on the patio and maybe to think a bit.
  • I would go outside with them, I have allergies and, if they are my friend, they already know that and go outside anyway. Maybe I just hang out with polite people though.
  • Some of these people wouldn't care if it was 50 below zero and they were on their death bed.. Cigarette smoke? They might as well pull out a machine gun and cut lose! Chop the heads off innocent babies! Rape and pillage a bus load of nuns!.. Oh, those are OK, BUT NOT SMOKING! ;) Personally to me..hey, have a smoke.. Have a box of cigars if you want..I'll survive either way.
  • I'd go outside with them
  • I'm a smoker and I'd still send them outside. Of course, I'd go with them and light up too.
  • i would let them light up due to circumstances.. One cigarette is not going to cause a major change in my home or my lungs. If they attempted a second, i would go outside with them, but make it clear they are not about to make a habit of smoking in my home
  • As a smoker, no matter what the circumstances, I would insist on going outside!!
  • I have only one person around me that is a sister-in-law. It's so sad, she's been a smoker for over 50 years, and thinks she's in good health, not ill, but her quality of living has beed deminished. No... I've given up even trying to talk to her about it. So, my answer is...when my husband was a cigar smoker, even he went outside to smoke. I was a three pack-a-day smoker before I quit, cold turkey, and never smoked again. About 3-4 months later, I had my first serious asthma attack, and discovered a severe allergic reaction to nicotine was causing the problen. It's a 911 reaction, so when ever I go any where, my husband is the look-out for me, so we can steer away from people that are even smoking in parked cars that smoke, just lingering in the air. The reaction is so very painful when you can't breathe, the effort of being cautious is well worth it. He even stands behind me in the grocery line to keep the smoke filled clothing on people away from me. People who smoke do not realize the health threat they have become, even to those around them, especially children breathing in raw second hand smoke: that's like smoking a cigarette without a filter.
  • no smoking around me or in my house.. i dont like people who smoke... i dont understand why they smoke..its ridiculus.. and i dont like the smell ....
  • I'd go outside with them.
  • I am a non-smoker and despise cigarette smoke but if I have someone who is in a crisis and they smoke then I will go find a cigarette and light it up for them. It is not like they are intentionally trying to disrespect you but they are disturbed and need some comfort. What kind of friend are you to put that person out of the house if they need to smoke. If I was that kind of person I would reaccess myself to say weather I really like that person or not. Besides I can always spray Lysol, cut on the ceiling fans and open all windows when they leave.
  • if you were a true friend you would let them smoke a full packet in your house if they have been through a trauma!!! only thing that would make me say no is if i had a little baby in the house!!
  • No way.They could puff by the packet if it made them feel better
  • turn on all the fan's in the house and let them light up send kids outside.
  • Out they go. If they were ~really~ my friend, they would understand why. +5
  • Send them outside. I use to smoke and I never even smoked in my own house. I even went to a friends house once when I was pregnant. She lit a cig and I told her she had to either put it out, go outside or I would leave. She put it out.

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