• Maybe the whole package.
  • All four,though I struggle to put mind and soul before body and memories,I am still tied into all four because of personal life experiences that made me who I am,and I can't change them.We are only human.*+++++*
  • well your memories are a part of your brain and your brain is a part of your body... so my body would be a good answer. But maybe my identity is in the perseption of other people. oh and a soul cannot be verified in the physical world so technically it doesn't exist.
  • Psychologists, scientists, neurologists, philosophers, and theologians have been wrestling with this problem for thousands of years. You think that you're going to get an answer on Answerbag?
  • I think your identity is defined by the choices you make, as JK Rowling wrote in one of her Harry Potter novels.
  • I believe my consiousness exists because of a synergy in my brain. It lives in my brain. My memories and body serve it. The soul is a non-material concept that does not exist.
  • I think that identities lie in all three, your soul, your brain, and your memories (cellular memories and memories associated with time)
  • All of the above.
  • How I see this is at the very least we can all agree that every single person has their own special identity which happens over time, through the experiences that influence us over our life time. . I believe it is with in our "brains" since this is the place that is the information center of our bodies, the processing center so to speak. It holds all the things that make us who we are and all the information of who we do not what to be. . As for the soul, I read in someones comment that the soul is non-material and does not exist. Although true you can not hold a soul nor can you see a soul, I believe the soul plays a very important part in a persons life. A persons soul influences their memories, and mental aspects that make them a whole person. All these aspects and their resulting effects combined, influence how we make decisions on a day to day basis. . So they are all interwoven to form the identity that makes up the person you are. And it takes a life time to achieve.
  • The great sages from the Vedas through living masters of Zen and Advaita Vedanta, Sufis, Taoists and Mystical Christians know without doubt that they (and you and I) do not exist in any of these ways you offer. While less common, people who have near death experiences usually report this understanding as well. This awakening or realization will set a person free from identity with body and all aspects of mind and of the notion that there is actually anyone doing anything. This happens sometimes instantly and more likely over a period of time as the impossible but undeniable implications are understood and integrated. It is anyone's birthright. This is exactly the question that the Buddha solved for himself after some time in meditation under that tree called the Bodhi Tree. Sooooooo....Go For It!
  • It lies in the brain, though not all of the brain is involved in it.
  • My actions.
  • A combination of all of these.
  • i can't tell you where my ID lies. the illusion of where it lies is a physical and psychological idea to help me function in this mechanical world.
  • I subscribe so far, in as much as there hasn't been a better theory yet... That the "soul" is seated in the spinal fluid. Esoteric teachings show that the life force requires a special conduit and a channel through which to flow and function. Makes sense as far as these things can. I believe in another theory that says you are part human, and part God made in the image of the only being who can speak thought, into a solid state of matter. Who can form protons on the most molecular level by sheer will and intelligence. Many scholars believe that the human genome and the secrets of molecular construction, cell structure and dark matter... are what Adam and Eve recieved knowledge of upon partaking of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. I believe in both God and science as two very unique aspects of life and believe that one is very interdependent upon the other
  • every single one of them
  • My identity lays in everybody elses brain, their memories, their soul,. I dont lose my identity when i die, it just changes as it does througout my entire life
  • You're identity lies with YOU, and so ultimately your identity comes from your brain, yes, and so you have to DECIDE (THINK!) for yourself as to what that is. This means inevitably you will have to deal with metaphysics, because you must first identify yourself within SPACE (reality) - meaning, you must FIRST LOCATE WHERE YOU ARE in relation to the rest of the WORLD OUT THERE. UNDERSTAND WHERE YOU END AND THE REST OF THE WORLD BEGINS (or vice-versa, take your pick). You are an individual first and foremost with a mind of your own, and so establishing your individuality is the most crucial first step. That is, identify your mind as an individual entity that is separate from all other minds OUT THERE, and that you are capable of using REASON to figure yourself out. Have fun.

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