• This is from the CDC. Chlamydia can be transmitted during vaginal, anal, or oral sex. Chlamydia can also be passed from an infected mother to her baby during vaginal childbirth. Any sexually active person can be infected with chlamydia. The greater the number of sex partners, the greater the risk of infection. Because the cervix (opening to the uterus) of teenage girls and young women is not fully matured and is probably more susceptible to infection, they are at particularly high risk for infection if sexually active. Since chlamydia can be transmitted by oral or anal sex, men who have sex with men are also at risk for chlamydial infection.
  • hm, no. id kill my hubby.
  • No, I'm sorry :(
  • There is... but that is by contracting it through your mother at birth, this would have shown itself when you were still a young child. Do you have word from the doctor as to how long you may have had it and how developed it is? Unless one of you contracted it 8 years ago, and you did not notice the symptoms until now it is incredibly unlikely that you could have caught it any other way, I'm afraid. ---------------------------------------- As chlamydia is a sexually transmitted infection (STI), it is transmitted (passed on) from one person to another during intimate sexual contact. You can catch chlamydia through: * having unprotected vaginal sex, * having unprotected anal sex, * having unprotected oral sex, or * having genital contact with an infected partner. As it is common for someone with the chlamydia infection not to have symptoms, it is possible for him or her to infect a partner without knowing. You cannot catch chlamydia by using the same toilet seat as someone who is infected, and it cannot be transmitted through swimming pools or saunas. Chlamydia can be passed from a mother to her baby during childbirth. Although no obvious symptoms are immediately apparent, the infection will often develop two weeks after birth, and can result in complications such as pneumonia.
  • well no I dont think soo.. but I was on the couch with my dad and we were talking (family converstatio) about std's and stuff like that i'm studing nursing in college so.. we were talking and my father actully said that you can get some std's from tolits.. but I strongly believe that you can not get it this way.. he may have cheated... no one is for sure. or you could have gottin it from him the first time you two had sex.
  • My understanding is that men can have it for years and never know and that the symptoms usually develop in women. I guess it is possible for you to have had it that long and not known, but unlikely, especially if you have regular Gyno check ups.
  • No, he cheated. Sorry.
  • Maybe he contracted it not having sex in the same fashion Clinton didn't have sex?
  • That's a no. Sorry, it looks like he cheated on you. Now you have much bigger issues to deal with besides the STD he gave you. =(
  • Chlamydia can only be transfered through sex whether it is anal vaginal or oral and he may have had it for a while now you dont always show up with symptoms though I seriously doubt that it could have been hidden for 8 years
  • There are lots of non sexual ways to contract STD's but one of you is probably lying or has been carrying without knowing it.

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