• Definitely true. And if she couldn't even finish one term of Governor, how could she have ever expected to possibly be President one day?
  • I put Sarah Palin news in the same category as MJ news and pretty much treat anything I see or hear about them as I would an Advertisement. I try to focus on people of consequence and substance which is continually more challenging.
  • I never cared about her before, and I don't care about her now. She is a non-factor and politically inconsequential.
  • Watch out for her. Remember, just because she is a blatant idiot doesn't mean she won't take power. Consider Dan Quayle and the W.
  • about the same ... thick as a brick
  • Absolutely, but oh my God what a piece of ass!
  • Tis annoying she wants us to believe its all about self sacrifice and not about self serving.
  • I think she has a plan and I think she is smarter than people give her credit for, she will be a player in the future there is no doubt.
  • I wonder if she took speaking lessons on how to annoy people with your voice. It's worst than listening to Barbra Streisand sing or even Fran Drescher..... Not to mention nothing of any importance comes out of her face, total BS and no intellectually enlightening insight into politics in anyway. She's an idiot!!!
  • By resigning she became more frightening to me. Rumor has it she has done this to prepare to run for President. God save us all.
  • true and i agree with the other answer about what if she ran ??!!
  • if you find her annoying tell the media to stop following her
  • True. And my doing so may have proven that she is destined for greater things-because she has accomplished the impossible.
  • I was hoping she would quietly fade away. Now, she may become the Tricky Dick Nixon of the new modern era.
  • so true...have you ever noticed that she must have been poking around in the dictionary one day and then has to repeat the word 6x to let everyone know she really understands it and knows how to use it?
  • false....actually I haven't heard that much about it
  • I don't think we've seen the last of her yet. I think that they are going to groom her to take over running the Republican Party and oust Michael Steele. I don't see her running for President.
  • false, and shes making a smart play. Whether or not it works will take time to see, but she is making a play at the best time for her to do so.
  • False. This is something to pay attention to. I am sure that there is much much more to come of this and I'm curious to see the next move. The woman is not stupid.
  • Amazingly, while her favorable rating tanked among Democrats and Independents after her rambling speech in which she listed all the mutually exclusive "reasons" she was quitting, she's now at an all time high with Republicans.
  • I wouldn't know. I don't pay much attention to her.
  • When the going gets tough she quits..she leaves..she exits. Then she thinks up wild and wacky reasons, none of which fly. Annoying? More annoying? Maybe less simply because she keeps shooting herself in the foot and making huge political blunders so what would be annoying becomes amusing and when you're amused you're not annoyed so much! :)
  • S.P. no. Her ass kissing fans, who continue to back the "Quitter", yes. Very yes.

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