• When I was growing up, planned parenthood was for people to take the proper precautions to NOT have children lol. Adopting a kid when then defeat the purpose of them giving out condoms and giving information on abortions.....
  • I expect that they are run bt Liberals.
  • because they are not an adoption agency. Why does Burger King not sell pizza?
  • Planned Parenthood should be called "Abortions-R-US." Their mission is to promote and maximize the number of abortions.
  • It is an abortion organization. They promote abortion, and only mention adoption as an aside. If you don't believe me, go to their website and search on 1) abortion, and 2) adoption. You will see the facts. If you actually want to know the facts, which many people evidently prefer to ignore.
  • Adoption is an entirely different and highly specialized service. Planned Parenthood offers mainly medical and counseling services related to parenthood. They do not have lawyers on staff and are not set up to offer legal services of any kind, including adoption. And yes, they offer safe abortions. For those of you not old enough to remember, abortions used to be illegal and this created a large, illegal underground abortion industry that killed many women each year from improper care.
  • Planned Parenthood came about due to a theory called Eugenics. this was an idea that if you eliminate the worst races, that would make the world only have the smartest and brightest. the founder located them in areas with high minority populations. it was a common practice in the 1930- up until the mid 1970's to abort and also sterilize minority women. a number of lawsuits have recently been settled against Planned Parenthood because of this practice. basically the whole organization was meant to try to eliminate minorities from having children and decrease the population of minorities in the US. read the link I have provided
    • Thinker
      Planned Parenthood was and is as you say a method of removing mentally challenged and minorities from the world. I do not remember the original name of the organization but it was changed to make it more acceptable by the public. It is still only an abortion mill operating under the desires of the federal government to reduce populations in the USA. This is why there will always be abortion no matter how loud people protest it.
  • why is it called 'planned ' instead of 'unplanned'? :) adoption is Planned Parenting...abortion is 'aborting,unplanned, Parenting!!! should be Abortion Services.....but they HIDE the DEED behind a deceptive name Planned Parenthood....instead of Aborting Parenthood... and one last thing...i imagine for a dr....there is more money to be made , nowadays, in KILLING KIDS than BRINGING THEM INTO THE WORLD....abortionists are in high demand in society today...more so than adoption....
  • Why are there organizations and physicians that don't even mention that abortion is an option? If so called right-to-lifers really cared about reducing or eliminating abortion they would support health education and affective birth control being available to all. If they really cared about children they would be working to cloth, feed and educated the millions of children who already exist who currently are poor, under fed and uneducated. The so called right-to-life movement isn't about children. It's about eliminating choice for women. Smarten up! Abortions have been performed for hundreds of years. They will continue legal or illegal. All criminalizing abortion would accomplish is that it will be harder for women to obtain safe abortions.
  • This is why i only said i agree that PP is nothing but An abortion promotion gallery; i have no desire to get in an argument with an abortion-lover over how providing abortions is the same as promoting murder. These arguments get no where with people who think its a matter of choice to MURDER a child.
  • PP is basically an abortion clinic. When they say pro-choice, the choice they mean is abortion.
  • Probably they don't get paid for the latter!
  • They offer what is the most difficult to get. That generally means birth control for girls who have no info or nobody to tell them about sex or tell them how to prevent pregnancy. They have referrals on where to go if you are intetested in adoption.
  • It's not really "Planned" parenthood. More like "Unplanned" parenthood. If it's so "Planned," why do they not offer prenatal care?

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