• If you asking if a stream of water is the same as a stream of thoughts I am going with no. Water does not have awareness. It is ruled by gravity, wind, and magnetism.
  • What is consciousness? That question is far from settled. Without a hard and fast definition of what consciousness is it is difficult to answer the question. Further without knowing what it is we know little of what is required for consciousness. This is something that has been a major issue in artificial intelligence and, obviously, philosophy of mind for a long time. I would find it hard to believe that it could but without being able to define what consciousness is to make a definitive statement on the issue would be unwise. Although I seriously doubt it.
  • last time i checked, water isnt a living organism.
  • no, and it appears that you don't either.
  • I have heard that water is capable of 'reflecting' or 'storing' consciousness. And the evidence was interesting.
  • if its not living than its doesn't it and it ever will dear
  • According to science, there is consciousness in insects, plants, animals, birds and humans. That much has been established. So everywhere we look we find consciousness. We know it shows up in quantum physics, so if you ask me, there is a very high probability that consciousness is part of the universe and is in everything, including water. Remote viewers working for the CIA have reported that their experience is that consciousness is in everything as well.
  • that which u call lack of evidence is merely that which u fail to understand. Alphanumerics can help u on this topic. Perhaps Daniel Tammet could help u guys out on this one. What's the difference between a fractal pattern & a crop circle? About my nationalistic behavior. This is the moment of all truth and Waset stand at the front of that in every way imagineable. U denying facts? Read up this water shit is old news. U just live in the dark is all. The patterns are messages like all fractals. They have meanings & are symbolic of things u've obviously never been taught is all. why is that so strange to u did you think your culture knew everything? The research done by the researcher above is what it is so those Zionist can claim what they will. We know what's up & as far as western knowledge. Well, we always did. It'll never matter to or for u so relax. Osara
  • Perhaps in its purity

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