• If you want to go pay the cash and no present. For myself I won't bother going an invitation, is an invitation. +3 This sounds like a promo from a resturant.
  • WOW!!! I am gobsmacked! I have never heard of that either! I hope it is not theshape of things to come! What are you going to do?
  • I'm astounded at such crass behavior. I'd send a polite "no" ... and probably no gift.
  • That is really weird and pretty tacky too. If you want to go and have to pay $100, that's their gift in my view. Personally, I would not attend. Sounds like they're pressed for cash and are trying to get the guests to pay for their wedding.
  • I wouldn't attend, and I would RSVP letting the couple know why: it sounds like they are trying to have a celebration they can't afford, financed by their supposed guests, and I don't support such behavior.
  • That is bizarre and to put it bluntly -- quite tacky. Unless the person getting married was really important to me, I probably wouldn't go. I would not bring a gift either.
  • I find the whole thing very strange that they are asking people to pay to attend a wedding. I am getting married in a few weeks and there will be 300 guests attending and I would not dream of asking anyone for money and if I was invited to such a wedding where I was asked to pay then I simply would not attend.
  • I would not attend and send them a cash gift for less than the $100. If they cannot afford to pay for the wedding, they should have a simpler affair and not expect guests to pay for it in this way. Or they should have stated that folks should not be giving wedding gifts in addition to this attendance fee.
  • If it were me...and I wanted to go I'd pay the $100, but they get no gift, and if I didn't care about them that much I'd let them know how tacky that is and they would get no gift...
  • WOW....That is messed up!!! I would not go. Mainly because we could not afford it. They should of eloped of they could not afford to foot the bill. I would RSVP saying I would not be attending. I bet you it’s a cash bar too..Get your money ready if you do go and no I would not bring a gift. If you go that is your gift to them, That's $200.00 a cpl. Plus whatever you spend on drinks.
  • LOL! It's not the role of the guests to pay for the wedding. Tell them if you pay you want to walk down the isle and give away the bride too.
  • Can you say "heighth of tackiness"? If they can't pay for the wedding themselves, then down scale til they can. I would NOT pay. I would NOT go. Might get them a gift depending on my relationship with them. Was the $100 to attend preprinted on the invite? just curious!
  • Me neither!! How very crass! I would decline the invitation.
  • I don't know how close these gold diggers are to you but I'd send regrets, not go, not give a gift. I have never heard of this before. It is insulting. Happy Wednesday. :)
  • Just not proper.What they do if no one showed up? Their problem. I would stay home.
  • Holy cow, I have never heard of this before and I've "done" (photography) many, many weddings. That's crazy. I would not attend. If they can't afford to get married, they should wait just like everyone else or have a smaller, more intimate wedding that they "can" afford. And who's to say that their marriage will last? I've also done many, many 2nd, 3rd and even 4th weddings.
  • That is someone taking advantage of friends and family .... I wouldn't go .... I wouldn't buy a gift ... I'd just send a card from the dolar store ...
  • So what happens if you show up for the wedding and you haven't remitted? Very tacky. Does every person invited have to pay too - like siblings, in-laws, cousins, bosses? The only thing you have to do is pay taxes and die. I would RSVP and explain that I'd love to attend but do not think it appropriate to pay for the privilege.
  • Wow- that is the most absurd thing I've ever heard. Basically they want to put on a beautiful day for themselves at everyone else's expense. Don't go, and don't get them a gift either. That's just inconsiderate and greedy! I don't even know these people, and I'm getting mad at them for their audacity!
  • its just one invite , i'd decline.....
  • I would'nt go, and if I did that would be the gift. You gotta be kidding.
  • pasadena on both class, whats next port-a-potty?
  • i would RSVP with "No, we will not be attending but i'd like to offer you a tip in lieu of a gift. Requesting guests to pay for their attendance is in poor taste. Best wishes; I hope your greed doesn't get in the way of a happy life together. Respectfully, BROADWAYTHECAT"
  • If you go, no present, but I'd think VERY seriously about NOT going. I've NEVER heard of something like this. The closest has been relatives who got married on an island or beach where few could attend. One of those at least had a reception for family when they got back from their honeymoon. Sounds like someone wanted a BIG wedding, and the family couldn't afford it. Too bad. Now they just are coming off as money-grubbing jerks.
  • I'm sorry i am not paying to see a wedding, if you cant afford to get or be married just date until times are better. Thats in poor taste
  • The proper thing to do is to decline, and send a card.

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