• I have a lot of self control now, completely opposite of how I use to be, in fact.
  • raise my voice because the person i am angry at needs to know im angry. unless the person im mad at gets easily upset by yelling
  • No, I dont raise my voice. In fact, I think I go quiet when I am angry lol!
  • I tend to raise my voice. Im not very good with self control, especially when angry.
  • I never raise my voice unless i am in a heated bed wrestling match....btw i always win
  • When I was younger I shouted in anger. I still get angry but control myself better - usually but not always.
  • I start out very calm & quiet but end up being a little louder if not left alone. My kids say i lecture now & then but i can't bring myself to lay hands on them or ground them long periods. I forget you cant reason with a child with adult logic.
  • I don't raise my voice, I do speak with clenched teeth when I am angry, in order to prevent getting loud and out of control.
  • That depends on just how angry I am. Thankfully, I very rarely get angry.
  • Earlier I lost control... these days trying to keep my self under control... now I don't raise voice till a certain level
  • Now I am trying to be calm.
  • I try to keep calm..and find out the solution for anger..if we raise our voice..that may lead to a i dont say anything when i am angry.
  • No but I will go on and on for a while..then wonder why..
  • I yell and swear my friend. However, the only time I've ever gotten angry in years is when the spinmeister slimy political hacks/spokespersons tell blatant lies. I swear a blue streak and yell. Jim says "you tell 'em honey" and laughs at me. I get it out of my system, no blood is drawn and I move on. As for actually getting angry in my non-TV life, I can't remember the last time I got angry. I am not a yeller in any case. I find that counterproductive. When I am very angry I get very calm lest the emotion take over...uncontrolled emotion renders the thought processes totally useless! :)
  • It depends on what I'm angry about...If it's something stupid and I feel like arguing, sure, if I get angry angry, I actually get very quiet.. :/
  • that depends on how the other person is responding to my normal tone of voice, i have found my voice level goes up till the other person realizes i am seriously upset about something, then after i have their full attention i go back to normal tone.
  • I think I have only raised my voice 1-2 times in my whole life in anger. If anything, I get real quiet and calm. It's easier for me to let go of that little bit of anger, than if I keep it in a nd then yell all over. Plus, I just don't like loud things, I like peace and quiet.
  • It depends on the situation, normally I keep myself under control because I dont want to escalate the situation, but if something makes me reeeallly angry then I possibly would.
  • Its inevitable that I will get tested on this, but for now I'd like to think I would remain under control.
  • ummmm i wish i can control myself but i can't when im angry .. so i do raise my voice sometimes
  • I usually keep myself under control and exercise quite bit of self restraint. However, I have been known to snap pretty hardcore when I get pushed too far. >;)

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