• you seem offended by america's offense. we've always been like this. scared little sheep looking for guidance. just now that we're the most hated country in the world, we don't have as much confidence that we can be protected.
  • we are losing our leadership,and it's getting worse,so darn money hungry they would sell out their mothers.not many real men out there anymore,most of them are lusting after other men.I have been alive through every war since WWII and i see it getting worse every year.I wish i knew the answer to your question,but i don't. i have moved to the desert from Indiana because i don't like my neighbors anymore,you read in the papers how people are killing each other,or their families,maybe some person cause they don't like his way of life or how he acts.I am not a bible thumper but you must read Revelation,not with your mind,but with your heart and feel the hairs stand up on your has a lot of truth to it. A person could really get paronoid in this day and can't help your neighbor cause to tonight he may come to your house and kill you for what ever reason.I feel sorry for any one who lives in the big cities,your gonna get it first,just like NYC
  • This question offends me...+4
    • dumdum
      Actually - I'm not offended, but I find this another editorial comment masquerading as a question.
  • Your question contains generalizations and premises that one would need to agree with to give you anything close to a reply that you seem to want. Don't conflate what you think as absolute truths.

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