• about some fake lotto stuff?
  • you could be on the phone like you are playing one of those question things, be sure to pick a question he will know and ask him the answer then fake out a big win like oh god i won a trip to ___ fill in the blank...
  • get straight A's, get into a Ivy league school, marry well, get a great job and have a great life. That would be the best prank.
  • Think of a place where he usually sits at. For example, the place he usually eats at. As he's about to sit down, place a wet sponge on the seat.
  • Take the cap off his shampoo and cover the opening with plastic wrap, then put the cap back on. (nothing should be able to come out of the cap)
  • Try here:
  • Got mine good once by putting his vehicle up on blocks, jacked it up and set it just high enough that the drive wheels were just barely off the ground. Noticable but really only if you're looking for it, he got in and had a few minutes figuring out what happened. Then the profanity started once he realized what the problem was :).
  • Tell him not to go into the bedroom that you just saw her there with another guy
  • I don't know if you know any cops like I do, but I got him good once by smashing pomegranates and red marker lines all over me and having them escort me in handcuffs to my dad's house to question why he gave me the murder weapons and how he trained me to kill 15 people in 5 minutes. We didn't speak for a while after that one. turned out it hurt him deep though, so be careful if you try it on your dad.
  • I was house sitting for my Dad while he was away. I had a neighbor of his call and say that someone was breaking into his home. My Dad asked if it was me and she said," No. I know your daughter and it is NOT her." She told my Dad she was calling the police and hung up. She did not answer her phone when he repeatedly try to call her. Finally, I found a friend who called my father and told him that he was an officer and the invader was reprehended. I called my Dad and told him I was in jail and that there was a misunderstanding. Oh, he was beside himself. I could not hold in the giggles when he was getting all excited. Don't worry - he got me back!

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