• I would rate my cooking a "7." I also happen to be lazy when it comes to cooking meals. I like to make enough food to last at least 3 meals, so that I would not have to cook every day.
  • People call me a chef, though I've never been to school for it. So a 9 maybe, idk? Cris-cross fries are made for this french mayo I had at a place in Bloomington MN. 2/3 Cup french dressing 1/3 salad dressing mayo 1 teaspoon lemon juice A dash of salt for it all to combine properly
  • 5...for sure I won't starve.
  • I like your -1 option! lol. I can cook. Have done so professionally... but Hardees doesn't exactly have high standards! lol No one's ever starved under my care. I've cracked thousands of eggs in the Navy, worked at McDonalds from Maine to Florida and pizza places from Washington State to several here in Alabama. I've also done my share of serving and managing. All while cooking at home for my family. Now I just cook for me. And that was NOT an easy transition! However, I don't have unlimited resources, and that sometimes influences what you can whip up! Then as you get older you have to factor in the dietetic changes needed to balance healthy with taste. And I'd say having to 'cook with what you have' brought my cooking to a 5 and having to limit my sodium intake brought my cooking down to about a 3.
  • 9 for cooking, in that I know how to make everything I like, and do it well. -9 for baking...can't even do biscuits.
    • Linda Joy
      My mom popped them out of a can!
  • I appreciate you including a negative number, because that's me, -1. I HATE my cooking and I hate to cook. I can't get the seasonings right, and I hate waiting and watching food cook. if you don't stop it at the just the right time, it's ruined. I just don't have the patience or the inclination to be honest. You do NOT want me in the kitchen! (and around sharp knives! YIKES!) LOL!
    • Franco333
      Cooking starts out the same as anything else. At first you suck, years later you don't suck so bad, a few more years and you don't suck at all, more years pass and you become a decent cook, and so on. After forty+ years I'm at the stage where I no longer have to follow a recipe, and can make adjustments/additions on the fly. Where cooking is a meditative act, and bad results are few and far between. I like the fact I'm now as good a cook as my Granny was, way better than most restaurants, and especially like all the money I save. That ten to twenty dollars I used to spend on a restaurant (for one meal) now buys enough ingredients to cover many meals over three days to a week. That said, I very much regret not learning how to bake. There are no good biscuit mixes, and I'm fairly sure all the cake mixes are GMOed.

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