• that's why there is a god brother.
  • It comes from the sun. Or something like that.
  • The laws of physics were created in the Big Bang prior to that, we have no idea what the rules were so matter and energy could have easily been creatable. . On a secondary note, that's the rule as we understand it. There may actually be a way to create matter or energy that we don't yet know of.
  • It didn't come from anywhere, and it doesn't go anywhere; It simply changes form. The energy of the universe has always existed. The bigger question, in my opinion, is why do people feel it is necessary to believe in an infinitely complex deity to explain the origins of the universe.
  • The Big Bang and/or God.
  • Only God knows since he tapped it to make and create earth and all life on it.
  • Well it's either: 1. Some mighty being we can't see, created all the energy and the earth and light and dark and animals and humans and suffering and dinosaur bones to test our faith and micro-evolution, but not macro-evolution. No sir-ee-bob! Also, he can do everything and anything, but never does. When the apocalypse comes everything just stops. or: 2. Before time and space there was nothing, which exploded for no reason and created everything. 13.7 billion years passed and here we are. In a few billion trillion years, the universe will suffer heat-death as entropy reaches it's maximum. And somehow, the second theory still makes more sense to me than the first...
  • This question has been answered. As mass accelerates towards the speed of light it becomes energy. This explains the relationship between energy and matter in the known Universe; however, to satisfy the law of conservation of energy, (that energy is a constant)there must also be an equal and opposite force - so; A=//=E=mc^2 where A = anti-energy/matter and =//= is subspace. It is called Equilibrium Theory.
  • look up multiverse theory and equilibrium theory
  • It comes from the power company. And it goes right the H*ll out the d*mn door that the kids won't close behind them when they come inside or go outside.
  • Humans are very limited in our understanding of how it is possible for something to have no beginning or end. It just doesn't make sense to us, but we do keep trying to figure it out, and I suppose that the important part.
  • It didn't and it doesn't. OK?
  • It always existed. It follows the path of least resistance. It also came from the path of the least resistance. It is a perfect cycle that always was and always will be.
  • It's one of Nature's closely guarded secrets. It has nor been unravelled by either religion or science, and therefore falls in the realm of philosophy. If we know the answer to your question, the study of physics will probably come to an end. There is nothing more we would then need to know. I sincerely hope this question remains unanswered for all eternity.
  • people have been asking that for years
  • Just as Newtonian physics is factually correct but does not work within the same bounds that Relativistic physics works I think you will find that the law of conservation of energy is correct but that there is possibly some bounds outside which it is only correct in the same sense Newtonian physics is correct.
  • Matter is simply energy in solid state. Both matter and energy are composed of qunata, and are effectively interchangeable.
  • It begs the ? who or what created the universe or what we know of it! then who created the creater and on and on.......
  • Science could not answer it. Hindu philosophy says that Parama Atma (Infinite Soul, Almighty) created Sakti (energy) when there was nothing. Science knows that energy and matter are inter convertible. All this creation came into being from that primordial energy. Nothing is impossible for Infinite Soul. His force can re-absorb that energy if required.
  • I ask the same question about many things - I guess that is why we believe in a force greater and more powerful than we are.

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