• It depends on the shape of the person, an overweight person Is less likely to wear cotton spandex, I as a medium sized person prefer both =)
  • it depends on what you use them fore a cotton boxer brief will stay sweaty longer than a spandex for example under armor boxer briefs are good for sports cotton spandex will hold thier shape much better than regular cotton curtdude
  • There is much more choice than cotton or cotton/spandex. The whole point of boxer/briefs is to give support, so in my mind that rules out all non stretchy materials like plain cotton. I tend to be a bit, urm, sweaty, (sorry if too much info), so that rules out cotton mixed with anything... any cotton just soaks up moisture and stays damp... yuk. I prefer sports type fabrics, such as Meryl, Microfibre and such like. Very cool and supporting = comfortable and healthy!
  • Personally I prefer cotton, unlike everyone else who's answered I don’t find they give 'sweaty crotch', quite the opposite. Plus I wear boxers for abit of freedom down there, the spandex one's have the same restricting problem briefs have :( Although girls seem to like them so occasionally I’ll whack a pair on.
  • They can be made out of whatever material that you choose to wear ... I recently saw a pair of boxer briefs at Kohls that were mase out of SILK .... and Nylon Boxer Briefs ... There are NO rules for a material to make Boxer Briefs ...
  • You want some stretch to them I think.I have some that are plain cotton and they are awful, I'm more comfortable in tighty whities then those.

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